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WoolHome Has You Covered For The Holidays!

AusGolden's WoolHome is the solution for those looking to transform their home & bedroom into a natural, no fuss, comfortable, and sleek space for living - to make any room come alive. WoolHome creates the most comfortable home and bedding products using only the best Australian wool. We pass them as gifts to you, right from the factory. We mix the best of traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge modern technology, allowing us to bring you the best quality at an affordable price. Home is everything - it’s where we do our work, recharge, plan for a better future, it’s where our kids grow up, where we form our most cherished memories. WoolHome raw materials comes from our ethically-raised sheep. They grow their fleece from feeding on green grasses and roaming the hundreds of miles of wide-open Australian Hillside and include all-season washable wool comforters, blankets, pillows, rugs, and other home decors. These would make for fantastic holiday gifts for just about anyone but especially those who love to entertain family or do small family movie nights where everyone can snuggle up together and make perfect lasting gifts for any type of Mom this upcoming holiday season.

WoolHome essential products features are:

  • All-NATURAL: Bring nature into your home. 100% pure cotton cover, soft to on your skin, delicate, and breathable. It is filled with 100% fine Australian wool.

  • HYPOALLERGENIC: Our duvet is allergen-free, dust mite resistant, breathable, and naturally flame retardant.

  • COMFORT AND HEALTH: Our unique AirSulation TechnologyTM makes our wool exceptionally fluffy and light to keep you comfy even during warm summer nights. Moisture-wicking materials help regulate body temperature - for up to 25% deeper sleep.

  • QUALITY GUARANTEE: We offer a 5-year service guarantee to give you peace of mind.

  • RESPONSIBLE: Recyclable packaging made from recycled material makes it easy on mother nature.

Whatever you’re looking for, Wool Home has you covered, literally.



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