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Wondery Launches New Original Podcast For Familie “Adventures of Cairo!”

Wondery Launches New Original Podcast For Families “Adventures of Cairo,” Produced in Collaboration with ABF Creative Wondery Showcases its Commitment to Delivering High Quality Audio Content for Families Wondery, the premiere podcast studio, today announced the release of their newest podcast “Adventures of Cairo” an original show that the whole family can enjoy together. Published in collaboration with ABF Creative, the award-winning podcast company most known for Raising the Game and African Folk Tales with Miss Jo Jo, “Adventures of Cairo” follows 7-year-old Cairo, who is consistently learning and exploring the world around him.

This announcement comes as an extension to Wondery’s previously announced expansion into kids and family podcast content with originals Melon’s House Party and Little Stories Everywhere, and partnerships with Tinkercast (Wow in the World and Flip and Mozie’s Guide to How to be an Earthling) and Gen-Z Media (The Adventures of Fin Caspian and Tomorrow).

Cairo learns all of the important kid lessons such as how to make friends, the value of a dollar, and that kindness is always the best approach. He’s fortunate he can always depend on his loving family –Mom, Eboni; Dad, Mike; and older brother, Omari, as well as best friends Enrique, Theo, and Mandy to give him a little help and have tons of fun along the way.

“We’re excited to introduce families everywhere to the adventures of Cairo, his family, and his community,” said Wondery’s CEO, Jen Sargent. “Our mission with Wondery Kids is to provide the highest quality podcast entertainment that is relevant and engaging for the next generation of dreamers and thinkers.”

“How kids see, understand, and experience the world is shaped by the media they consume,” said Anthony Fraiser, CEO of ABF Creative. “We take a lot of pride in providing dynamic storytelling for families, and are excited to partner with Wondery and share Cairo with the world.”

The first episode is available now, listen on Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts or you can listen to episodes early and ad free and early right now by subscribing to Wondery+ Kids in Apple Podcasts or Wondery+ in the Wondery App. For more information about “Adventures of Cairo” visit and


America’s first and only A.I.-driven producer of multicultural audio content, ABF Creative is a Webby award winning podcast network. ABF Creative offers advertisers national opportunities through its range of media assets creating comprehensive, innovative campaigns for some of the country's largest companies. Our proprietary production framework, creative vision, and deep understanding of our audience’s unique tastes enable us to deliver award-winning audio entertainment that engages listeners and provides our advertisers/sponsors/partners with effective vehicles for their brand messaging. To learn more about ABF Creative visit & follow us on Instagram, Twitter & Youtube

About Wondery

Wondery, an Amazon company, is a premium podcast studio known for character-driven, binge-worthy stories including “Dr Death,” “The Shrink Next Door,” “Even the Rich” and “Melon’s House Party,” and distributing hit shows like “Smartless” and “Wow in the World”. Wondery is behind 7 of the Top 10 New Shows of 2021, according to Podtrac, including #1 (The Apology Line) and #2 (Suspect). Forty of Wondery’s shows have hit #1 on Apple Podcasts including “Harsh Reality” and “Operator”. Several of Wondery’s shows have been adapted for scripted television or streaming series including “Dr. Death” on Peacock, “The Shrink Next Door” on Apple TV+, and the upcoming “WeCrashed” on Apple TV+ and “Joe vs. Carole” on Peacock. Wondery has gained critical acclaim and commercial success for its immersive approach to sonic, emotionally driven storytelling, including the Ambie for Podcast of the Year for “Dying for Sex.” Wondery’s app offers a unique, personalized podcast experience with over 15,000 episodes, including access to its premium ad-free offering, Wondery+ where fans can get thousands of exclusive and ad-free episodes, and early access to the latest episodes of Wondery’s hit shows.


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