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Win a Family Movie Night Ultimate Snack Package!" Enter the StreamSafely Summer Sweepstakes

Win a Family Movie Night ultimate snack package!"

Enter the StreamSafely Summer Sweepstakes now for a chance to win the ultimate movie night snack package. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your movie night unforgettable!

StreamSafely Summer Camp helps families ensure their movie nights are safe and secure. The site features a collection of 46 Family Movie Night movies, curated by the experts at Common Sense Media, and a checklist for parents on safe streaming.

An October 2022 study found that households with kids self-report higher piracy rates. In the study, 38% of households with kids report accessing pirated content a few times a year, well above the mean for the US adult population overall (26%). Piracy sites appear free, but they make money by stealing personal information, often by installing destructive malware or ransomware on users’ home computers. Digital video piracy (i.e., illegal streaming, stream ripping, etc.) accounts for more than $50 billion in revenue losses for the global tv and movie industry.

With the increasing popularity of online content, it's crucial to ensure a secure environment for children and young adults. StreamSafely offers the resources and guidance needed to navigate the digital landscape confidently. StreamSafely mission is to educate families about the risks associated with unsafe streaming and provide tools to protect against inappropriate content and malware. Join StreamSafely on a journey to secure and enjoy streaming for your entire family.


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