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Traveling Essentials!

Thinking about traveling? Since we’ve returned from France I’ve had so many people reaching out asking if I felt safe traveling. The answer isn’t as cut and dry as a yes and no. I felt safe with the precautions we took and at the same time I was nervous because I know not all travelers are safe and upfront. Full disclosure, we are vaccinated so that’s why I felt safe, we believe in science, with that said, I don’t judge what you choose for your family, because it’s your family.

I do want to share with you what I needed for our travel, my must haves.

VeriFLY is a trusted travel pass app that allows you to upload your travel documents and have them checked and verified before you fly. It’s a free app and once you’ve downloaded the app you may create a profile for all members of your family that’s traveling.

Sonovia masks and airplane seat covers is a must have! The one mask you should own for top-notch performance and protection. Backed by lab tests. Adjustable, breathable, washable, comes in 4 sizes, ergonomic, irritation-free fabric. Scientific Breakthrough. Eco-Friendly. Zinc Nano-Particles. SonoMask is an award-winning mask made with Sonovia's innovative patented ultrasonic technology. With two layers of tightly knit and soft fabric is perfect for the entire family.

For ADULTS ONLY: A CBD + CBN + Melatonin blend for a deep, deep sleep. Just like CBD, CBN (Cannabinol) is a legal cannabinoid in the cannabis plant known for its sedative effects. Molly j. is combined CBN with CBD and a touch of melatonin for a relaxating slumber to help get you to (and stay in) a deep sleep. This gumdrop comes in a blend of Blackberry and Rose flavors, antioxidants known to aid in tranquility and relaxation.

This Sleep Formula packs a punch at 50mg of the CBD/CBN blend plus 5mg of melatonin in each gumdrop. Molly j. specifically use a water-soluble medicinal blend to evenly mix for reliable results so you can cut a gumdrop in half or quarters for a lighter dose.

The perfect hands free purse, I couldn’t have traveled without JuJuBe Queen of The Nile! I carried out passports, all essential documents and my wallet. The reason why I loved it, I knew everything was safe and it would be harder for pick pockets to get to my bag.

FUL LUGGAGE, pack light when traveling, don’t complicate your life. The best and most durable luggage to travel with and will fit in the overhead compartment of the place is FUL luggage.

* Made with molded ABS plastic with "Riding in a Dream" text and accented with gold-finished hardware.

* Gentle, 360-degree movement on 8 spinner wheels.

* Dependable aluminum telescopic pull handle provides hassle-free transportation.

* The sizable polyester-lined main compartment is divided for easy organizing.

* Zip wet dry compartment for personal essentials and 2 mesh zip pockets for small accessories.

* Clothing compression straps help prevent spills and let you pack more.

* Expandable for more space with a 2-inch zipper gusset.

David Outwear Limited-Edition Engine jacket is blowing everyone's minds. It features all the components that will make heads turn, handmade embroidery on the chest and back, a sleeve pocket, metal zippers, and a rugged black color. Make no mistake about it, once you wear this jacket you'll look like a total BADASS!

BURST ORALCARE, has an amazing Sonic Toothbrush! The toothbrush headFresh replacement heads shipped quarterly. Every 12 weeks, they’ll bill you $8 and send you a replacement brush head. Cancel any time.

Your package includes USB charging base, USB wall adapter and a travel case.

Lane Bryant for all your clothing needs! From sweaters, t-shirts, jeans, jeggings and intimate-wear, they have it all. You can order on-line for delivery and or pick up in store. They’re having a major sale right now, best time to pick up sweaters.

Naturalizer Weather Ready collection boot. I wore this boot everyday and we walked everywhere. It provided comfort and its water-repellent. The knee high boot with a sneaker-like sole is stylish and beautifully made! Happy Traveling, feel free to email me if you have any questions, I’m here to help.


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