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Welcome to theCoderSchool, a place where kids learn to code all year round (in-person and remote, too!). Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, theCoderSchool combines a super-small teaching ratio with an individualized immersion style to get your kids learning to code in no time! theCoderSchool doesn’t believe in kids being taught by software, theCoderSchool doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all curriculums. Instead they focus on a mentor relationship with experienced coders, Code Coaches who can guide their students through their amazing technical journey. Learn to code, change the world.

Coding classes for kids!

2:1 semi-private classes ensures personalized lessons, with a focus on coding buddy + code coach they'll love and look forward to their weekly sessions with.

All levels and technologies, from code blocks with Scratch, to Python, Roblox/Minecraft modding, to prepping for AP Comp. Sci in highschool and much more.

First session is free can be booked here:

Flexible schedule to make it easy for busy parents/kids.

Focus on critical thinking + problem solving skills.

Find a location HERE

Parents, spread the word, they’re always looking for great code coaches - minimum requirement is completing highschool comp sci - paid training + resume experience.



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