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The Munchy Munchy Cookbook!

Chef Pierre A. Lamielle is the award winning cookbook author of Alice Eats: A Wonderland Cookbook and Kitchen Scraps: A Humorous Illustrated Cookbook. Both won “Best Illustrated Cookbook in the World” at the Gourmand Cookbook Awards. He loves to teach cooking to all ages. He prefers cooking with friends but is not afraid of a little friendly culinary competition. He even competed on Top Chef Canada and Chopped Canada, which he won. He is very excited for you to meet the amazing cast of characters in The Munchy Munchy Cookbook for Kids and to learn all about cooking and eating tasty food.

The Munchy Munchy Cookbook for Kids

Essential Skills and Recipes Every Young Chef Should Know!

From a young age, kids can have strong opinions

about which foods they enjoy and which foods they definitely do not want to see on their


The Munchy Munchy Cookbook for Kids by Chopped Canada winner Pierre Lamielle

takes knowledge from a practiced chef, and adds the quirky characters of the Munchy

Munchy Gang into the mix!

The Munchy Munchy Gang teach budding foodies and chefs about skills and flavor

profiles through 28 different recipes and a myriad of fun illustrations.

Readers will learn how to make favorites including ketchup, pancakes, and more,

with simple instructions and illustrations for every step.

Pierre’s characters make complex cooking theories, like balancing the five tastes,

accessible to kids of all ages!



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