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TALL GIRL 2 debuts on Netflix on February 11th!

Thank you Netflix team, Angela Kinsey and Director Emily Ting for sitting down and chatting with us about TALL GIRL 2!

If you don’t know whom Angela Kinsey is, she’s a superstar! An actress, podcaster, and television panelist, she’s played Angela Martin in the sitcom The Office (2005–2013) and appeared in the sitcoms Your Family or Mine (2015) and Haters Back Off (2016–2017). Since The Office, Kinsey has appeared in Netflix's Tall Girl, Disney+'s Be Our Chef, A.P. Bio, and is currently a panelist on MTV's Deliciousness. She has a podcast that she co-hosts, Office Ladies.

Angela childhood school experience was absolutely unique! “Fourteen is a hard time to start a new school, let alone be in a new country,” she definitely knows what it's like not to feel welcomed and accepted at school by anyone.

"I started my day at the middle school, and then at lunch, my mom would pick me up, and I would eat lunch in the car with my mom, as we drove across town to the high school, where I would finish my day," she explained. "So I never got to be part of the middle school ... just fitting in or being social there because I missed all the activities where I would meet people. Then at the upper school I was too young for the after-school activities, so I didn't participate in them."

Make sure to catch the interview above for the entire scoop!

Without spoiling TALL GIRL 2, TALL GIRL 2 points out that high school is a time for awkward moments, growth, friendship and, of course, romance. Jodi's relationship with Dunkleman doesn't seem to be as smooth as expected, and she's instantly smitten with her new costar, Tommy (Jan Luis Castellanos). Jodi is also clearly struggling with self-doubt (as all teenagers do),

and the never ending nagging negative voice that she hears in her head, “that she's not good enough to do the play.” Jodi's best friend Harper (Sabrina Carpenter) described it perfectly, “that’s anxiety, when describing the negative nagging voice that makes you believe all your worst fears and insecurities are true."

WOW, allow that to sink in, I learned that as an adult, how amazing is it that we now have films that allow our children to validate their feelings and be able to express their thoughts in a safe environment, to know they are not alone. One could say that this is a great “Teen Movie,” I say, it’s a great movie for the entire family!

TALL GIRL 2 debuts on Netflix on February 11th!


After her inspiring speech at the homecoming dance, Jodi (Ava Michelle) is no longer just the "tall girl" - she's popular, confident, has a boyfriend, and just booked the lead role in this year's school musical. But as the pressure of her newfound popularity intensifies, so do her insecurities, and new relationships are formed while old ones are tested. As the world she built starts to crumble around her, Jodi realizes that standing tall was only just the beginning.


Ava Michelle, Griffin Gluck, Sabrina Carpenter, Anjelika Washington, Luke Eisner, Clara Linn Wilsey, Rico Paris, Jan Luis Castellanos, Johanna Liauw, Chris Wlyde with Angela Kinsey and Steve Zahn.

TALL GIRL 2 debuts on Netflix on February 11th!



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