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Step into the Magical World of Disney Animation Studios

As a fan of Disney Animated films, we recently had the incredible opportunity to step foot into the very heart of where the magic happens - Walt Disney Animation Studios. Celebrating its 100th anniversary, this iconic studio has been the birthplace of countless beloved characters and enchanting stories that have captured the hearts of audiences for generations.

During a press junket for the latest Disney masterpiece, Wish, we not only had the privilege of interviewing Jennifer Lee (Writer/Executive Producer & Animation Chief Creative Officer), Chris Buck (Director), Fawn Veerasunthorn (Director), Peter Del Vecho (Producer), Juan Pablo Reyes Lancaster Jones. Our JR reporter did an amazing job asking questions!

We were granted access to explore the hallowed grounds of the animation studio itself. And let me tell you, it was an experience that left us utterly awe-struck. Located within the Disney studio lot in Burbank, California, Walt Disney Animation Studios is nestled among several other buildings. However, gaining entry is no simple task. The Mickey Mouse-eared gates guard the compound, where photo ID is required just to obtain a pass. And to enter the animation building, you need someone to vouch for you.

As we crossed the threshold, I was welcomed by a grand entryway adorned with multiple 10-foot screens showcasing an array of beloved Disney characters. This captivating display was just the beginning of an immersive journey through the world of Disney animation.

Every hallway within the multi-floor building was a testament to the rich history and creative brilliance that Disney has brought to life. Life-sized statues of iconic Disney characters stood proudly, while awe-inspiring murals and framed concept art adorned the walls. Stills from various Disney films lined the corridors, each meticulously organized by movie.

As I ventured deeper into the labyrinthine building, I stumbled upon unexpected delights. The Frozen hallway, adorned with enchanting decorations, led me to the artists' cubicles, where vivid imaginations transformed into stunning artworks. A detour through the Wreck-It Ralph corridor presented an arcade game, inviting me to relive the fun-filled adventures of the film. And as I continued my journey, a colossal painting from Moana greeted me, a testament to the immense talent and dedication behind these animated masterpieces.

Finally, we reached the voiceover booth, where actors breathe life into the characters we adore. This sacred space was a testament to the passion and commitment that goes into creating the captivating voices that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Visiting Walt Disney Animation Studios was a dream come true, an experience that transported us into the enchanting world of Disney's imagination. It was a celebration of 100 years of animated storytelling, where the past, present, and future converged in a symphony of artistry and creativity.

As we bid farewell to the studio, we couldn't help but feel a renewed appreciation for the magic that Disney has bestowed upon us. The legacy of Walt Disney Animation Studios lives on, inspiring new generations to believe in the power of dreams and the limitless possibilities of storytelling.

Our junior reporter has expressed that Disney Studios is unquestionably the happiest place on earth. If given the choice between visiting Disneyland or Disney Studios, he would undoubtedly choose Disney Studios. It is the place where magic is brought to life, where creativity and imagination flourish, and where dreams are turned into reality. While Disneyland and Walt Disney World are undeniably enjoyable, they can be seen as the finishing touch, like the cherry on top of the ice cream, when compared to the enchanting experiences found at Disney Studios.


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