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Smart & Final Fulfills Your Shopping Needs!

Our family tradition is baking #MickeyMouse hot chocolate Mouse bombs! Heading to the market however is a major pain, especially now with everyone not feeling well. @smartfinal takes the headache out of shopping with quick delivery, order all your needs on

Make sure to put in your shopping cart: First Street Chocolate chips, First Street Almond Milk, First Street Condensed Milk, Vanilla extract and Hot coco mix in your cart.

Take any silicone mold you have (we have Mickey Mouse) brush the mold lightly with butter to be able to remove the coco mouse without breaking after refrigeration.

Place chocolate chips in a heat resistant bowl, Simply microwave the chocolate on a medium setting for 30 second bursts, stopping after each burst to stir. As the chocolate gets hotter and meltier, you’ll notice that more of the melting process is happening during the stirring rather than in the actual microwave.

Once chocolate chips have melted add in your coco mix, vanilla extract and condensed milk and mix.

You can add mini marshmallows, crushed up candies, ie: toffee, peppermints, sprinkles, crushed or any other sweet treats that would go well with hot chocolate.

Once you’ve mixed everything in the bowl start filling your mold. Place in fridge overnight and next morning you’re ready to have the best cup of hot chocolate!

#smartfinal makes everything is easier, especially during these uncertain times!

Smart & Final, the smaller, faster grocery warehouse store for household and business customers, had two customized online shopping portals, and The platforms provide an experience tailored to the needs of Smart & Final household and business customers and completely integrate with a newly redesigned website.

Household customers can view weekly specials on Smart & Final’s ad circular and instantly add items to a shopping list or to their cart for delivery. Shoppable recipes will streamline meal planning and allow customers to build and save customized shopping lists. Customers also can build a profile to reflect dietary allergies or preferences, and through each customer’s account, they can manage subscriptions, payment options and purchase history. To ensure a seamless and helpful experience, the website also offers more intuitive shopping suggestions based on each shopper’s views and previous purchases.

Smart & Final’s business customers can create an account under their business name, apply for tax exemptions, receive tax exemptions for online orders, and complete online payment for delivery orders.

With prices up to 25 percent lower than supermarkets, pricing is consistent with the same low pricing customers can find in stores. Same-day deliveries for all customers are available in less than two hours for a delivery fee of $4.99 plus a flat service fee of $6.40.

Smart & Final has also has two apps to reflect the shopping experience. Customers on the Smart & Final app or Smart & Final Business app can easily transition between apps and the online site with their profile and cart intact.

“With, we set out to create a simple and customizable shopping experience that’s tailored to each person’s needs,” said Ed Wong, Executive Vice President, Chief Digital Officer, Smart & Final. “Our customers want the convenience of delivery combined with the high-quality products and great value from our stores, but in one seamless online experience. We are excited to expand and improving our online presence and will continue to listen, test and explore new ways to enhance”

The platform is powered by technology partner Mercatusand delivered by Shipt, TForce and others who provide fulfillment of household and business orders. To provide maximum convenience to our shoppers, Smart & Final customers are also able to continue utilizing current partner marketplaces, such as Instacart and Shipt.

Smart & Final

Smart & Final is the smaller, faster grocery warehouse store, headquartered near Los Angeles in Commerce, California. Smart & Final’s 255 store locations offer quality products in a variety of sizes, saving customers time and money without a membership fee. Its larger format stores, Smart & Final Extra!, combine the warehouse store with traditional grocery offerings like farm-fresh produce and natural and organic options, to provide a one-stop shop for all. In business since 1871, Smart & Final remains committed to giving back to its communities through employee volunteer opportunities and donations to local nonprofits.




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