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OSMO Math Wizard!

OSMO Math games help kids improve their understanding of math concepts without solving a problem or coming up with an answer in the traditional sense. Math games introduce every major math topic in an entertaining and easy-to-understand

OSMO newest game is everything you need! Math Wizard is a series of interactive learning games. The kit includes two games with two different gameplays for a well-rounded learning experience, plus an Osmo Base. Just attach your device to the base to begin your Math Wizard journey!

Whether you’re homeschooling, zooming or traditional school, OSMO is exactly what you need to add to your educational curriculum. Just don’t let your little one know they’re learning, all they’ll know is they are having fun.


The series is for Grades 1-2 Math, ages 6-8 and is called Math Wizard. 

-The first 2 releases in this series are:

            1) Magical Workshop that focuses on Addition & Subtraction and 

            2) Secrets of the Dragons that focuses on Measurement

Your child is the Math Wizard and can pick and choose skills (self-paced learning!) to master in the series for the ultimate math learning quest.

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