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Mexican artist Kuno Becker leads initiative to rescue and support animals

The renowned actor has funded an organization aimed at fostering the wellbeing of the animal world

Renowned Mexican actor and filmmaker Kuno Becker has ushered into a new stage of his life centered around animals: Pets 51.

The organization, committed to the online sale of animal-themed products, was created out of the artist’s desire to recognize and highlight the countless contributions that animals make to our lives. It was, indeed, Maritza ––a female dog that the actor shared his darkest moments with––, who inspired him to launch this project.

“Maritza’s arrival into my life represents an inflection point. Her presence, her unconditional love and the fact that I felt supported as I was going through my life’s major crisis motivated me to kick start this initiative,” says the artist. “It’s a noble cause that I want to help animals in a moment when the world, the environment and our planet are facing emergencies at the local, national and global level.”

Among its top priorities, Pets 51 aims to raise funds through the online sales of items for animals. Over 50% of the profits will then be donated to nonprofits committed to helping and rescuing dogs, cats and other pets.

Currently, Pets 51 is finalizing agreements with several animal non-profits. As the project grows, Becker and his team aspire to add more organizations to their beneficiaries list.

A key part of the initiative is to educate and foster our love for animals in schools across the USA through various activities and workshops catered to students. Pets 51’s educational programs will help to raise awareness of the important benefits and contributions animals make to our families. Additionally, the organization will encourage animal adoption and create campaigns to prevent pets from being surrendered.

“Following in Holland's footsteps, my goal is to make sure that all dogs are homed and that none live on the street,” says Becker.

All products sold on are animal-free cruelty.

For more information on the project, please visit:


PETS51 is not a 501(c)(3). Founded in May 2023 by Mexican super star Kuno Becker and his team, PETS51 is a new hybrid model, whereby more than 50% of its profits go directly to non-profit organizations helping animals in need.

During a murky episode in his life, Kuno was saved by a rescue mutt, Maritza. Now both he and his wife Andrea are devoting all their time to help animals in need through PETS51. Kuno's animal rescue work is made possible by the online store's pet-themed apparel and goods.

How it works: when you buy a cool item, we’ll donate over 50% of the profit to non-profit shelters and organizations that help animals stay healthy while they find their forever home.

Through the PETS51 platform and with every purchase, PETS51 will financially support shelter pets, pet rescue, educational programs and advocacy work. PETS51 will also inspire the community to celebrate and nurture the incredible animal-human bond. We are here to eradicate the overpopulation of homeless animals through solutions and education.


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