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I’ve got breaking news, my favorite Produce company and has teamed up with the AMAZING RAIDERS team! Melissa's brings exceptional products and global flavors to Allegiant Stadium.

Melissa's/World Variety Produce Inc. is pleased to announce a new partnership as the Official Produce Supplier of Allegiant Stadium and proud partner of the Las Vegas Raiders, effective May 2020. Melissa's has been at the intersection of food and sports for two decades and has been reimagining the culinary experience in America for almost 40 years. By leveraging a strategic sourcing platform built upon global access and local growing, Melissa's provides its customers with the finest produce throughout the seasons and offers over 1,500 products at any given time. The company's products and services are sought out by a wide range of culinary professionals, from Michelin-starred chefs to foodies and home chefs alike, seeking the very best in quality and flavor.

Melissa's is perfectly suited to offer its elevated culinary experience to fans at the new AllegiantStadium. With this partnership, guests of Allegiant Stadium will have access to the finest fresh fruits and vegetables, a wide variety of healthy snacks, plentiful grab & go options and more. Ingredient-driven culinary offerings will focus on sustainable and seasonal produce while maintaining the high standards for quality, food safety and innovation Melissa's is known for. Melissa's will be pushing the boundaries of culinary ingenuity as the Las Vegas market hascaptured the attention and envy of the entire world with the arrival of the Raiders and theaddition of Allegiant Stadium. Legends Global Partnerships represented the Raiders to secure the partnership as a part of theirduties as the stadium’s official premium ticketing and sponsorships agency.


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