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The count down has begun! Make sure to tune into @AppleTV. There are a lot of people HELPING others right now, which makes it super important for our little ones to watch the newest episode of #HelpstersHelpYou titled “THANK YOU” on AppleTV+ and share with #HELPSTERSHELPYOU something that you have done to help others HERE.


Did you know, HELPSTERS HELP YOU titled THANK YOU from the creators of HELPSTERS was nominated for 5 daytime Emmy Awards including Outstanding Preschool Children’s Series.


Here are links that you’ll need, make sure to bookmark the pages:

* Download the FREE fun HELPSTERS HELP YOU activity book:

* Watch the all-new HELPSTERS series available now with a subscription for Apple TV+:

* Listen to the HELPSTERS soundtracks available on Apple Music:

* For more Apple TV+ content for kids visit the AppleTV YouTube channel:

I know first hand how important it is to teach our children to learn to say thank you. This week’s episode is especially relevant and meaningful – all about saying THANK YOU to those people around us that are working so hard during this difficult time – with the help of indie rock band Grouplove

I wanted to take a moment and say, THANK YOU for following and for just being you!


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