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Gifting with Gratitude This Holiday Season!

Express your appreciation with a thoughtful and unique gifts that give back. The gift of gratitude is something we may all practice and cultivate to lead to a greater sense of happiness. Gratitude is meant to be shared and this is the season that keeps giving!

I‘ve chosen a few brands for you that not only will make your receiver of the gift over the moon but these companies give back to the community! So you’re not only going to make a friend and or family member happy, you’ll be giving back and that’s a win win!

The Wayuu women start learning about knitting when they are little girls watching their mothers knit. They gain more extensive training during puberty, when they are cloistered for long periods of time and their moms and grandmothers (the only people who can see them during this period) teach them sewing, weaving, cooking, and other useful skills. Wayuu women are such skilled knitters that they even knit while they walk around!

In their culture, a myth says that a spider-like deity taught a Wayuu woman how to knit. Wayuu bags represent the Wayuu women's lives. They carry their lives. The bags start “small, like our lives and the straps represent our destiny.” The designs represent plants, animals, starts, and their clans' symbols. Different colors also have different meanings: red is blood and blue is wisdom. Yellow represents happiness; beige is land; pinks and oranges are flowers; green is trees.

The selling of handcrafts is fundamental to the survival of the Wayuu people. By buying their bags you're helping their economical development and the passing on of their culture. Also, part of the profits will be donated to susceptible communities.

This gift set comes with a Luxe Spa Wrap, and Plush Nap Pillow, and Luxe Eye Mask. This is the perfect gift set for anyone who loves pampering and extreme comfort. The Spa Wrap is perfect for out of the shower, by the pool or just lounging. All sets include plush premium microfiber spa wrap and matching headband. One size fits most. The Plush Nap Pillow sham features an envelope closure and includes soft down alternative insert. And the matching Luxe Eye Mask is lined with a satin backing and secured with a soft elastic band for comfort.

Keikico woman owned and run business and everything is made in-house. They pride themselves in keeping jobs in the US and providing their employees with sustainable pay and a warm, personal work environment.

Cuddle+Kind 100% handcrafted dolls with no strings attached. A tremendous amount of love goes into each handcrafted cuddle+kind doll. Every step in the process is carefully considered: from the unique, detailed designs to perfecting the on-trend color selection and choosing the finest, natural cotton yarns. Every beautifully crafted cuddle+kind doll is knit with such a high level of quality and care, they’re suitable to be heirlooms handed down from one lucky baby to the next.

Cuddle+Kind began after watching a heartbreaking documentary about childhood hunger. As parents of three young children, we were devastated to learn these facts: 66 million primary school-aged children attend classes hungry every day and 45% of deaths in children under five are caused by poor nutrition - 3.1 million children each year. Cuddle+Kind is to make a tangible, positive impact on childhood hunger. Read more here!

JuJuBe mission is simple: they support parents on one of the most stressful, joyful, challenging, and rewarding journeys in life … parenthood and more. Welcome to the JuJuBe Family and get ready for a whole lot MORE! Jujube bags are more than just diaper bags, they grow with you as your little one grows. Personally I still use ours as a backpack and travel bag. Intelligently-designed bags for moms, dads & kids. JuJuBe makes life on-the-go easier and more stylish.

JuJuBe has donated over a half a million dollars toward breast cancer initiatives. JuJuBe has supported various causes from research for a cure to providing mammograms for the underprivileged. JuJuBe has supported national organizations like Susan G Komen and local organizations like Breast Cancer Angels. JuJuBe loves their friends at Keep A Breast! When you purchase a JuJuBe Bag make sure to post on social media with hashtag: #spreadingoodness!

Kaylene, the owner designer of Emma J. Company specializes in handmade jewelry and selling handcrafted items from South America!

Emma J. Co., uses healing crystals, beaded chains, geode and crystal pendants giving this line not only a sense of fashion but also a healing quality.

Emma J. Co., is a champion for Mary Health of the Sick charities and Single Mother organizations such as Universal Love Foundation. As well as Conejo Valley chapter of Brandeis. And also local charities for dance teams and conejo valley school fundraisers.

I once read, “The interpersonal sharing of gratitude illuminates the gifts of connection, love, compassion and acceptance. Gratitude as an attitude is flexible—we can consciously cultivate gratitude at any moment, even in the midst of suffering, and in doing so the experience of gratitude can create a sense of meaning and purpose.” This season, this day and everyday im gratful for family, friends and you. Thank you all for following along and being here. Happiest Holidays!


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