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Finding ‘Ohana Premieres on Netflix TODAY!

Finding ‘Ohana is premiering on Netflix’s today! A family-friendly adventure, think of Goonies mixed with Indiana Jones, it’s funny, filled with adventure and what we'd all do for our family. It follows the journey of two Brooklyn-raised siblings who connect with their O’ahu roots and make new friends through a treasure hunt.

Thank you Netflix for inviting me to the FINDING 'OHANA virtual press junket with Kea Peahu, Owen Vaccaro, Alex Aiono, Lindsay Watson, Director Jude Weng and Writer Christina Strain.

I really want to say thank you to Director Jude Weng and Writer Christina Strain for forgiving my huge blunder. Have you ever seen “REAL LIFE vs INSTAGRAM PIC” challenge. Well I have one to share with you, during my interview with the ever talented Director Jude Weng and Writer Christina Strain my kiddo asked me a question about a TV show and, well, I got distracted and when it was my turn I fell flat on my face and asked them about the TV show instead of their amazing movie that we absolutely loved!

The ladies were champions, they handled my stumble gracefully and I was able to gather my horrifying moment that drained my blood and I was able to continue on. And with that, here was my “ real life moment vs what I post.” I’m sharing my most embarrassing moment because it’s important to know mistakes happen and when you surround yourself with other woman whom are kind and thoughtful, you’ll be accepted.

This is exactly what FINDING 'OHANA is about, acceptance, love and how you handle what life throws at you, even if you were the one that threw the stone.

Having the opportunity to virtually interview Kea Peahu, Owen Vaccaro, Alex Aiono, Lindsay Watson, Director Jude Weng and Writer Christina Strain I learned a few gems that they shared.

Christina Strain shared that audience goers should look closely at the keychain George hands to Pili and Alex’s grandfather, it’s a Goonies Easter Egg!

FINDING 'OHANA is filmed not only in Hawaii, but Thailand also! There are several scenes in the movie that take place in a cave and at a waterfall. Owen Vaccaro mentioned that the cave and Erawan Falls (the waterfall shown in the movie) are located in Thailand, the cave BTW is exquisite.

Director Jude Weng shared that Hawaiian authenticity was very important when filming FINDING 'OHANA. She worked with cultural consultants to make sure that they were accurately representing Hawaiian culture. There was even a traditional Hawaiian priest who performed blessings during the filming of the movie.

Make sure to watch my interview above, what everyone shared, was priceless. I’m so very grateful for their time, I loved hearing about all behind the scenes actions that brought FINDING 'OHANA to life!

Watch FINDING ‘OHANA, on Netflix this TODAY!

A summer in rural O‘ahu takes an exciting turn for two Brooklyn-raised siblings when a journal pointing to long-lost treasure sets them on an epic adventure with new friends, and leads them to reconnect with their Hawaiian heritage.

Finding ‘Ohana Premiers on NETFLIX





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