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Celebrate National Save a Spider Day with ‘Lucas the Spider’!

Happy National Save a Spider Day!

Today, instead of stepping on that eight-legged creature or screaming in fear as you run to the other room, take a moment and appreciate all the cool things about spiders and their value to the environment.

Lucas the Spider, a new preschool animated series on Cartoonito, is helping soften the frightening perception of these mysterious creatures. The show is based on the viral YouTube sensation and follows Lucas the Spider, the world’s most adorable and non-scary spider, as he and his friends try to navigate the big world around them. The character has been praised for helping kids (and adults) get over their fear of spiders. The show is available to watch on Cartoon Network’s Cartoonito preschool block and will join HBO Max’s Cartoonito hub on Mar. 25.

To celebrate today’s holiday, here is a fun new clip of an upcoming episode starring the adorable Lucas and his new cactus friend…see, nothing to be afraid of!

Enjoy, and don’t miss Lucas the Spider when season one comes to Cartoonito on HBO Max on Mar. 25!


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