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Boiess, Eau de Colognes!

Have you heard a of Boiess? Boiess mission is to create high-quality baby & kids colognes, inspired by the Mediterranean - where it’s believed scents trigger memories of happiness!

The Boiess line of Eau de Colognes is crafted with little ones in mind. They are clean, min. 93% Natural ingredients, hypoallergenic, gluten free, plant based, dermatologist & pediatrician tested and infused with prebiotics and vitamin B3. For toddlers and kids, spray any time to create a relaxing, soothing, fresh environment. ( For infants, the company recommends applying gently on clothing.)

My personal opinion, it’s perfect for the kiddo that’s around ages 6-10 too. Kids that aren’t exactly deodorant age but need something to smell fresh, Boiess is exactly what’s needed!

Manufactured in Spain, packaged and ships from the US. Available in a variety of gentle unisex scents. $27.

Or Amazon.


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