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FROZEN 2 Press Junket!!!

Do you fill that chill? It’s Anna and Elsa headed "Into The Unknown"...and yes, get ready to learn this song, you’re little one will be belting it out!

Thank you, Disney, for inviting me to the pre-screening and press-junket of FROZEN 2! We had Directors Jennifer Lee , Chris Buck, Producer Peter Del Vecho, Songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez, Talent Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff, and Josh Gad.

The excitement of FROZEN 2 is equivalent to the Beatlemania! FROZEN brought in $1.27 billion and FROZEN 2 will quadruple that for sure. #FROZENFANFEST surrounding FROZEN is surreal to say the least, and for good reason the movie is spectacular!

FROZEN 2 addresses all the questions you would have had in the original. Anna is your perfect fairytale character, she’s an ordinary hero, not magical, she’s optimistic, full of love and hope. Whereas Elsa is the perfect mythic character, mythic characters are magical and they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and want to protect everyone.

Here are some fun highlights that I can share with you from our Press-Junket, get ready to laugh and most importantly brush up on your Bryan Adams song, have you seen the video I posted?

The junket kicked off with Kristen Bell asking all of us, “can we all talk about the reindeer in the room, right? Johnathan Groff didn’t get to sing enough in the first film...That was my one criticism of the first one. I was like, Look, it’s an excellent film. But Jonathan Groff doesn’t sing.”

If you think Frozen 2 is just for little girls, I’m here to let you know take your boys, my little one LOVED the movie. Evan Rachel Wood agreed, “We can all agree on here is that Frozen 2 is not just for little girls. Everyone is going to feel the egoless love and devotion that should be in our relationships...When magical Sven says, ‘you feel what you feel and your feelings are real.” Kristen Anderson-Lopez, “I think if that one message comes across to boys, that the boys get to feel empowered to feel their feelings in a big- or small but hopefully big 80s power ballad kind of way, then we’ve done a little bit in the war against toxic masculinity.” “But the truth is Bobby and I adore 80s music, the melodies and the chord shifts are complex. We struggle with many projects with men being able to sing an ‘I want song’... So in order to thread the needle of allowing us to it, at the moment, it needed to be a fun moment where we’ve been in the woods, we’ve learned some really heavy things. We needed to have a moment of fun, but we also didn’t want to lose the tether to real emotion and real problems of transformation that are happening in the woods. So what is the best way to have some fun to be in the same way that when we sing any song, you know about, like, ‘I give it all for the glory of love!"

At which point we all broke out into a little karaoke with the cast of Frozen 2 singing Peter Cetera’s “The Glory of Love” lead by Kristen Anderson-Lopez.”

Here’s my take on FROZEN, after seeing the entire cast together I understand why it’s such a success, set aside the tremendous script, fabulous cast, they each truly love their character, respect one another, and are having fun. They’re a family, love one another and that comes through in our beloved FROZEN.

When our junket was wrapping up you’ll never guess what song came up and our ever loved OLAF caught on, “Oh, You’ve Got To Be KIDDING me!” Gad laughed when he caught the first notes of Bryan Adam’s ‘Heaven’ playing overhead. Again, did you see my video?

Frozen 2 will be released in both UK and US cinemas on 22nd November 2019!

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