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Thank you Sony Animation and THE ANGRY BIRDS 2 for inviting me to the Press Junket and World Premiere of THE ANGRY BIRDS 2. We had the chance to interview Jason Sudeikis, Rachel Bloom, Producer John Cohen during our junket and it was remarkable to say the least.

ANGRY BIRDS holds a very special place in my heart, ANGRY BIRDS 1 was the first premiere I attended with my little one and I have the fondest memories. I recall vividly Jason Sudeikis taking a moment and chatting with kiddo. We took a picture with Mr. Sudeikis and this year, during the press junket I showed him the picture and he was kind enough to sign it!

THE ANGRY BIRDS 2 is much more than animation, it’s a story about overcoming your fears, believing that you belong without needing validation, family is who you make it to be and most importantly, everyone has something to offer. My little one said it perfectly, “ Mama just because everyone is paying attention to one person doesn’t make you any less.” It took me 30+ years to learn this, it took my kiddo one screening of THE ANGRY BIRDS 2 to understand this important life lesson.

I hope one day my son will love what he does as much as Producer John Cohen does. When speaking to Mr. Cohen his passion, love, and vision is inspiring. ANGRY BIRDS is his baby and he’s proud of it and it shows. As he should be, it's a wonderful movie for the entire family!

I was able to ask him a few questions about the making of the movie and the extraordinary cast:


ME: Who played the adorable Hatchlings? I heard they have famous lineage.

JC: The Hatchlings are played by the hugely talented @thebrooklynnk, the incredible JOJO SIWA, Genesis Tennon (the daughter of Viola Davis), Alma Varsano (daughter of Gal Gadot) and Sunday Kidman-Urban and Faith Kidman-Urban. (You can guess who their parents are.

ME: We are huge fans of JoJo Siwa – tell us about working with her!

JC: JoJo is amazing. And she is SO funny in this movie!

ME: We love Zeta! It's amazing that this is Leslie Jones' first starring role in an animated film – did she do any improv when she recorded?

JC: Leslie Jones did SO much improv. Thurop Van Orman and I would leave our recording sessions wheezing because we had laughed so hard. She is brilliant and one of the funniest standup comedians in the world.

ME: Silver is such an incredible character! Does Rachel Bloom get to do any singing in the movie?

JC: Rachel Bloom DOES sing in this movie!!! She and Josh Gad sing a song together!!!

ME: We thought Courtney was hilarious! It's also Awkwafina's first lead role in an animated movie – did you record her before Crazy Rich Asians came out?

JC: We actually had our very first recording session with Awkwafina before Oceans8 came out! I have a Courtney stuffed animal on a chair in my office.

ME: What was it like to work with Nicki Minaj? Did she improv any of her lines?

JC: She created a fantastic voice for Pinky!

ME: Dove Cameron is the best – tell us about Ella! Did you guys know her from The Descendants or Liv & Maddie?

JC: I first saw Dove Cameron on HairSpray Live and thought she stole the entire show. She is unbelievably talented – and funny!

ME: What was it like to work with David Dobrik? Did you get to meet any members of the Vlog Squad?

JC: David is GREAT in the movie! He has a popular line that's in our trailer ("Oh it's on!") but his character Axel steals so many scenes in this movie and gets some of the biggest laughs!

ME: Chuck has some of the funniest moments in any movie I've seen this year! Is Josh Gad as funny in real life as he seems?

JC: Josh Gad is one of the funniest people I've ever worked with. He's incredible in this movie and has contributed so much to Chuck's character.

THE ANGRY BIRDS 2 hits theaters TOMORROW! Make sure you fly into your local theater to catch it, with such an amazing cast your more than likely to laugh so hard that your belly will hurt.

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