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Splitsville...As my kiddo describes it, it’s just like the “AVENGERS”, when you roll the ball to hit the pins, the excitement is equivalent to Captain America saying, “AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!” Yes, P LOVES Splitsville as much as the AVENGERS which I never thought possible and I have to say, I agree with him.

Splitsville is amazing, alive and FUN! Yes, I screamed that FUN, you will laugh is hard that you might pee in your pants when you’re doubled over from laughing so hard. Splitsville is located in Downtown Disney and dare I say, it’s just as fun as Disneyland and Disney California Adventure combined. From the moment you check-in, you feel the energy, from the patrons' excitement of winning, families cheering each other on, friends competing to see who can get a strike, it’s riveting. The delighted and childlike spirit of innocence at Splitsville is contagious.

Splitsville has a cool vintage feel to it, it’s 2-story hotspot features floor-to-ceiling windows, 2 state-of-the-art kitchens and 4 indoor/outdoor seating areas that span 40,000 square feet! From the pizzas, gourmet burgers, sushi or other chef specialties like grilled avocado with ahi tuna and filet sliders you’re sure to be left fulfilled. P ordered a pepperoni pizza and within one bite he proclaimed he is not sharing and that’s when I knew there food is spectacular!

I love purchasing souvenirs from places I love and Splitsville no exception, I got 2 somethings! First, an actual pin, a pin filled with lemonade that is. It’s so cute, P is in love with it, then for myself, a squeeze bottle filled with Mai Tai, take a look at our shenanigans here.

Thank you Splitsville for hosting us, it was an unbelievable evening. Splitsville is the perfect place for birthday parties, reunions, any special evening that you’re planning or most importantly a day that you need to laugh Splitsville is THE PLACE TO BE!

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