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We were recently invited to a Dodgers game and I was overly excited because, first, P hasn’t been to a baseball game and second, I discovered that we can bring our food into the stadium.

Hold up, did you hear what I just said, you can bring your food into the game. Do you know how much I love this, how important this is for all moms? For example, if your kiddo is allergic to certain ingredients or is on a strict nutritional diet, or in my case, a picky eater, you can pack whatever you want, something your child will eat and your mind will be at ease. When I discovered this, I went to straight Smart & Final for all my shopping needs. Mind you this is the first time I had gone to a Smart & Final and was blown away how much money I had saved and didn’t need to buy in bulk! Smart & Final pricing is 25% less than regular supermarkets. Smart & Final is the smaller, faster grocery warehouse store offering regular as well as club-sized items.

Here are some facts I learned about Smart & Final, Smart & Final is based out of Los Angeles and has been in business since 1871, almost 150 years! That’s amazing that it’s been in business for so long and most importantly it’s a local store. Now, if you don’t have the time to get into a store, you can shop on-line and that’s priceless!

Smart & Final is the official grocery partner for the LA Dodgers! Smart & Final created a checklist of their selection of delicious and easy game day essentials and you’re encouraged to create your checklist, when you do post it and tag @smartfinal.

Did you know that Dodger Stadium holds 56,000 fans and is the largest stadium in the MLB. Did you know: Dodger Stadium began in 1957 once the Dodgers moved West from Brooklyn. However, the stadium wasn’t ready for baseball until 1962. Dodger Stadium is the oldest stadium west of the Mississippi River. Currently, it is the third-oldest ballpark in all of Major League Baseball just behind Fenway and Wrigley.

Walter O’Malley, the former owner who brought the Dodgers to Los Angeles, had a meaning for each level of seats and the colors they consisted. Top Deck is a light blue color that reminded O’Malley of the ocean and the skies that surround all of Los Angeles and Southern California. Reserve level is a seafoam green color that represented the landscape all around Dodger Stadium. The Loge level seats are a light orange which was a representation of the sandy beaches. Lastly, are the Field level seats which are yellow because that reminded O’Malley of the sun which is always out in Los Angeles.

In 2009 the United States Postal Service gave Dodger Stadium their own zip code. In fact, if you look up the zip code 90090, it will come up as Dodgertown, USA, how cool is that!

Thank you Smart & Final for inviting us to a Dodgers game and most importantly discovering what an amazing store you are and most importantly I can order on-line!

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