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Catholic Central Easter Family Picnic Set Contest!

Easter is my favorite time of year, yes, I love the Easter bunny as much as my kiddo does. However Easter to me much more than chocolate bunnies, it's about our entire family getting together, attending church and the family party. When I see my little one's eyes light up at church is beyond anything I can explain. I'm so grateful that our church makes Easter fun for our little ones with the Easter bunny and egg hunt. This pic was from 2 years ago and kiddo remembered that moment when I showed him the pic. This is exactly why I love holidays, special moments because no matter the age you'll always recall where you were, what you were doing and whom you're with. That's why it's important to always be with family and love each other wholeheartedly because feelings will always be with you.

To celebrate Easter I'm giving one lucky winner a: Easter Family Picnic Sets! Which include: 1- Wicker Basket w/Cutlery, Plates, 2 Wine Glasses, Tableware, Fleece Blanket and more! Enter the contest here and let me know you're favorite Easter memory. Contest ends April 28th midnight, good luck and Happy Easter.

How does your family celebrate Easter? Share your traditions with CATHOLIC CENTRAL on Facebook @CatholicCentral and Instagram @CatholicCentral_tv

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What do Easter eggs and bunnies have to do with the resurrection of Jesus? Kai and Libby explain some of the Easter traditions we celebrate and the connection to Catholic beliefs.

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