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Airbnb’s Presidential Getaway: 10 Trending Destinations + Most Wish-Listed Homes!

Airbnb’s Presidential Getaway: 10 Trending Destinations + Most Wish-Listed Homes

With 1,000 homes offered by Airbnb hosts that include “president” or “presidential” in their listing description, there’s something for even the most dignified travelers. And, with President’s Day almost here, it’s not too late to plan a long-weekend getaway. These 10 trending destinations have surfaced as must-visit locales for travelers looking for history, sunshine, or access to national sites, along with the most wish-listed home in each place. Percentages indicate the jump in bookings form last year.* Some interesting stats to consider:

  • The Caribbean claims five spots on the list, with Puerto Rico taking three of those in the top five.

  • In the US, travelers are heading to places with historical significance and access to national parks.

Top 10 trending destinations and most wish-listed homes for President’s Day

1. Vieques, Puerto Rico (845%) - Beach Guesthouse

2. Cruz Bay, U.S. Virgin Islands (647%) - Hawk’s Rest Private Room

3. Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico (506%) - Escape to Paradise

4. Río Grande, Puerto Rico (504%) - Panoramic Ocean View

5. Port Aransas, Texas (457%) - Angler’s Court Beach Bungalow

6. Williams, Arizona (387%) - Rustic Airstream Basecamp Near the Grand Canyon

7. Evansville, Indiana (382%) - 1850s Historic Home

8. Winnipeg, Canada (361%) - Industrial-Style Loft 9. Monticello, New York (270%) - The Rose Cottage

10. Cabarete, Dominican Republic (152%) - Casa Luna Guesthouse

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