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NORM OF THE NORTH: KEYS TO THE KINGDOM is absolutely the cutest! Thank you Lionsgate for the pre-screening, our Saturday family movie night was extremely delightful. NORM OF THE NORTH: KEYS TO THE KINGDOM, is full of heart, love, and compassion. Kiddo now wants a polar bear, adamantly I might add and Lionsgate came to the rescue, they were kind enough to send over a polar bear blanket and for now, P is happy! It won’t be long before he says he wants to visit Alaska, Canada or the Arctic Circle to see the “real” polar bears. After our quick trip to the Arctic, next stop, the BIG APPLE! NYC the city that never sleeps and were NORM ends up playing hockey, creating all sorts of shenanigan and is mistaken for a criminal, it's up to him and his trusty friends to help him get out of this jam! I won't spoil the movie, I will tell you that this is a must-see because it is good clean fun, full of lessons, teaches you the meaning of friendship and the importance of sticking together.

One of our favorite things to do every Saturday night is to have “Family Movie Night.” It’s a fun little tradition and we normally have popcorn but this time around we had it with good old-fashioned snow cones. You're wondering why snow cones? Snow cones allowed us to feel like we were part of the movie and truthfully when you're making your snow cone place a scoop of your favorite flavor ice cream, in my case, vanilla and for P, strawberry, in the middle of the bowl and place your snow cone on top with your flavoring, it's delicious. NORM OF THE NORTH: KEYS TO THE KINGDOM, will be available On Demand on Friday, January 11. I love this, you’ll have access to it whenever you want, I promise you, it'll be on a loop in your home. A family-friendly movie that’s great for EVERYONE!

The sequel to 2016's box office hit Norm of the North and the first in a new original Lionsgate franchise, NORM OF THE NORTH: KEYS TO THE KINGDOM tells the story of Norm, the newly crowned polar bear king of the arctic, travels to New York to accept the keys to the city. But Norm goes from hero to villain when he’s framed for a crime he didn’t commit! While he is trying to clear his good name, back in the Arctic a vicious bottled-water company has moved in and is starting to steal the ice. Norm must rely on his friends, both old and new, to clear his good name and help save his kingdom in a winner take all hockey match in this Dove Family-Approved for all ages film.

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