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Howard Johnson Anaheim is True Jewel!

Do you know where the second happiest place on earth is? Howard Johnson Anaheim! 8 minutes away from Disneyland, Howard Johnson is pure perfection. The ultimate staycation, you’ll experience Disneyland in a whole new light, when you need a mid-day break from playing you can walk over to your room and relax. Howard Johnson isn’t only just an amazing hotel but they have a waterpark that’s every kid's dream come true!

Castaway Cove is a watery pirate playground featuring slides, water cannons and a pirate ship that offers a major splash! You, your kiddo and everyone in your family will love “Speedy’s Sprayground” featuring Speedy, the turtle, splash fountains, and a toddler pool with beach-style entry.

Castaway Cove has a toddler water slide and big kid S-curvy water slide, 200-gallon drench bucket, 4 mini water cannons, water curtain, 2 water umbrellas, toddler wading pool with beach-style entry, Speedy the friendly turtle, and 13 water fountains and bubbling whirlpool spa with foot and back jets. See what I mean, EPIC! We spent an entire day at the waterpark and it was glorious.

Thank you HOJO for celebrating my birthday, the pixie dust that was bestowed upon me was truly unforgettable. Your kind gesture was greatly appreciated, my little one and I had a tremendous time. Best birthday ever and you know what made it special, being in a hotel that cares about its guests. It’s said that every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and one remembers, it's all about the memories. And HOJO knows how to build memories!

Howard Johnson Anaheim has teamed up with their friends over at Pixie Magic to create spectacular in-room celebrations, each of which is tailor-made to match any occasion and fit any budget. Have no fear, Pixie Magic works with special needs and allergy requests to make sure celebration’s gift baskets, merchandise, cakes, cookies, and other treats are all exactly right for you and your family.

Don’t fret if you forgot your stroller, need a crib for the kiddo, car rental, whatever you need HOJO front desk will help you. Howard Johnson Anaheim is a true jewel, friendly staff, comfy room, and great location.

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever.” ~ Walt Disney

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