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Why I Love Disney!

Jeremiah Good posted a beautiful video of himself from Mickey's 90th Birthday Spectacular and get ready to cry happy tears. He’s standing with Bob Chapek, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Jeremiah got a little emotional in the process, watching the video, I got emotional. This video is exactly what Disney is all about, bringing everyone together, Disney is family, Disney is all inclusive!

As a Disney Mom I'm lucky to have been invited to Disney Social Media Moms and have had the honor of Bob Chapek speaking to us. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, it’s mind-blowing to hear Bob Chapek speak. Bob Chapek is Chairman of Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products.

Here’s one of the beautiful facets of Disney Magic, the men and women who run the helm want to meet you and I. From the President and down the chain, every single person that works at Disney wants to know you, will talk to you and most importantly they’ll listen. Bob Chapek is not any different, when he was giving us his presentation at Disney SMMC, I stopped listening for moment and was thinking, “this man speaks to presidents, dignitaries, studio heads, he oversees the “Happiest Place On Earth” (a.k.a. Disneyland) “The Most Magical Place On Earth” (a.k.a. Walt Disney World) and he’s here, talking to us!

Growing up we had to save for years and years to go to Disneyland and now as a parent I’m lucky to be able to attend Disneyland frequently, it’s a blessing that I’m extremely appreciative of. Preston has grown up with Mickey just as I have, we all have, and that’s the magic of Disney, every single person around the world knows Mickey Mouse. The moment we hear that distinctive voice, the “Hiya pal” our hearts swell 10 sizes and we’re automatically a kid again.

That’s why this video chokes me up, it’s raw and full of emotion. Imagine standing next to Bob, Mickey and Minnie, celebrating Mickey’s 90th, where everyone is one, part of the Disney family, to say it’s incredible is an understatement.

What Disney means to me is so much more than what we just see. If we learn anything from our beloved fairy tales is this, how we deal with our hardships is what’s important, your strength and perseverance evolves and develops when you push thru, that’s when you find your happily ever after. And to think it all started with a Mouse!

Happy Birthday Mickey, we love you!

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