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Anchors Up Movie is available NOW!!!

Anchors Up Movie is available on @iTunes and On Demand NOW!

Are you ready for the cutest movie ever? The characters are adorable, the story heartwarming and life lessons.

Anchors Up is CGI animation movie about a young rescue boat named Elias, a character created by Sigurd Slåttebrek and Alf Knutsen. Elias has been the star of animated television series, films, and games since his debut in the mid-1990s.

Anchors Up is an adorable, fun film with a heart for the whole family. A universal message that “we are a team.” It is directed by Simen Alsvik and William John Ashurst and produced by Slåttebrek for Norwegian animation house Animando in co-production with leading Scandinavian animation studio Qvisten Animation.

. Anchors Up begins when Elias pull off a brave rescue mission, which sees him hailed as a hero. Elias begins a new job in the big harbor, leaving his old life and friends behind. But when Elias discovers that a local gang is mining an illegal precious metal that has the power to alter the weather, he realizes that what he most needs to expose the mining operation is the help of his old friends.

Anchors Up has a Thomas the Train feel, warm, fuzzy and we loved it! I highly recommend you download it. You’re going to be watching it on loop, a movie that will entertain the entire family.

After a daring rescue mission in stormy weather, Elias, a brave young rescue boat, is recruited by a larger harbor. Once he gets to Big Harbor to begin his new job, however, he discovers that bigger is not always better.

DIRECTED BY Simen Alsvik, William John Ashurst STARRING Cameron Simpson, Lucy Carolan, Danna Davis, Dermot Magennis, Marcus Lamb, Paul Tylak, Roger Gregg.

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