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JetSuiteX IS The ONLY WAY TO FLY!!!!

One the best experience I have ever had was flying with Jet SuiteX last week when I attended Pinterest Creators Summit. I generally fly commercial, which means getting to the airport two hours ahead of time, going thru security and then just waiting. After two hours of complete and utter boredom, panicked that my little one is going to have an epic meltdown because of all the downtime, I'm already exhausted and we haven't even boarded the flight. Next, we're ushered onto the plane and packed in like sardines, oh boy, oh joy! Now I've got to make sure kiddo is entertained, he's not bothering the person next to him and he's sitting still. If you're getting anxiety reading this, imagine what the families are going through.

Now imagine avoiding all of that craziness and paying exactly the same amount with a semi private jet. From the moment you walk into there private terminals, you'll feel the difference that is JetSuiteX. Your experience starts with a comfortable lounge where you'll be free of cattle calls, pat downs, and endless lines. Instead, speed through the quick and easy check-in, then hop on board for business class legroom leather seats and complimentary cocktails and snacks. Go from parking to take off in just 15 minutes. Book today between these West Coast destinations: Burbank (LA), the East Bay (Concord), Las Vegas, and San Jose.

I left LA in the morning and made it back in time for dinner without any hassles and my time, was just that, my time. On the flight home, there was a family of four including two of their dogs. The kids were happy, the dogs were calm, mom and dad were chill. Parents, you can take milk on board without hassle, snacks without being worried that security might tell you to throw it out. This is the only way I will fly going forward with my kiddo, the stewardess was amazing and most importantly we will all be happy and stress-free. I LOVE JetSuitex, give it one shot and you'll see what I'm talking about. You too will only want to fly JetSuitex!!!

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