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Thank you Movies Anywhere for a GREAT Mothers's Day Present!

Thanks to Movies Anywhere for giving me a free Movies Anywhere Moms kit to host my own in-home movie night. All opinions are my own. Movies Anywhere is a place for you to hold your entire digital film library (from iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Fandango, and Google) in one place across multiple devices. Here’s the thing I love Movies Anywhere because I truly have all our movies in one location, I can download all movies to watch offline and this in itself is priceless. You have no idea, when we were traveling if I didn’t have Movies Anywhere I would have been up the creek. In the airport, on the plane, taxi, Movies Anywhere entertained kiddo which in turn kept everyone calm and happy.

In honor of Mother's Day Movies Anywhere gifted me a Family Movie Night! OUTSTANDING to say the least. First off I’ve never felt such a plush bathrobe, omg, if I could sleep with it I would. Between the popcorn and chocolates we didn't know what to dig into first, so what we did was melt the chocolate on our popcorn.

Our Family Movie Night was nostalgic and timeless movies for my family to enjoy and laugh. We saw HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS, CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON and JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE. Can you say, movie marathon! The great part about all these movies, they are kid friendly, mom approved and they’re in our library forever now.

If you’re in need of last minute Mother’s Day gift, download the app and have mom enjoy her favorite movies. You can download to a maximum of eight devices and a maximum of 16 devices over a rolling 12-month period. You can’t purchase movies, you may redeem movies if you have a code, Movies Anywhere is your film library. If you see a film you want to purchase the Movies Anywhere service, clicking the buy option will bring up a pop-up showing you which vendors have the video to purchase from. Movies Anywhere can be viewed as of now in the US. Their app can be found on IOS and Android, download the app and create your free account today. You can have one base account and then add profiles for your family, (parents this part is amazing) including rating restrictions for content access! With Movies Anywhere, every night is movie night. NO SUBSCRIPTION FEE, EVER

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