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Why Your Family MUST Go on A Disney Cruise!!!

Whenever I tell anyone I was on a Disney Cruise the first two things I hear, “Wow, what an amazing experience,” and “Isn’t that expensive?” Let’s address the first topic, Disney Cruise by far is one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life! When you board the cruise liner, they have a team welcoming each family, yes, you read that right. The cruise ship director will ask for your families name and then he bellows out, “Welcome Copcutt Family” and everyone starts clapping. It reminded me of fairy tales when a princess enters the ball and she’s announced. The pageantry is magical and this is just the beginning.

Sorry the video is shaky, I was SUPER EXCITED!!!!

The Cruise ship is not only designed for kids but parents as well. Disney Cruise Oceaneers Club is the ultimate drop off for kids. Open till midnight (each ship is different) kids will be entertained while parents can go up to the adult only side of the ship and have fun. Mom and Dad deserve some fun too, discovering libation tastings from Amari, Whiskey, Beer, Bourbon, Champagne, Chocolate & Liquor, Cognac, Martini, Mixology classes, Mojito & Caipirinha Tasting, Rum tasting, Stem-to-Stern Wine Tasting, Tequila & Margarita Tasting….. as you see you have PLENTY to choose from! Whichever taste tasting you choose, know it’s monumental.

The difference between a Regular Vacation versus a Disney Cruise Vacation. A regular vacation you need to plan out your hotel, schedule daily meals from family-friendly restaurants to date night eateries, entertainment (movies, plays, etc) transportation, locate a kids center for drop-offs and much more. This leads to an epic headache, fear of the unknown, if recommendations were accurate, will kiddo have fun and are they safe? Now on a Disney Cruise, EVERYTHING is at your disposal and you can rest assured that it’s kid-friendly, most of all, everything on the cruise liner is age appropriate for your children. From the newly released Disney movies playing aboard, Broadway musicals and Midship Detective Agency.

The Midship Detective Agency will have your little detective going on an adventure. It’s an interactive attraction located throughout the cruise liner, get ready to explore and have fun. The game revolves around Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy helping Disney characters solve different cases, you’ll find yourself going from deck to deck until you’ve placed all the clues together and you’ve solved your mystery.

Our Disney Dream had, as I call it, a mini Disneyland on board, Disney's Oceaneer Lab. We never wanted to leave, I took Preston, mind you, it’s a drop-off but I stayed because it was amazing! We had so much fun playing and discovering. Oceaneer is designed for children 3 to 12 years old, with the amount of Disney toys, Disney movies, and creatively themed areas, it’s outrageous. From the moment you step into the high-tech main hall you can choose to be part of the interactive storytelling, kids can move around the state-of-the-art Magic PlayFloor to control film-inspired adventures as well as the tilt of a huge simulated maze, or if you want to just relax, grab a bean bag and settle in front of 103ʺ plasma screen TV .

Disney’s Oceaneer Lab also features a workshop and science laboratory where young cruisers can conduct experiments, develop culinary skills and participate in an assortment of engaging activities. There’s more to the Disney Dream than you can imagine, there’s the Animator's Studio, kiddos can learn to create original hand-drawn art, learn to sketch their favorite Disney pals or design computer-animated characters which they bring to life. Craft Studio, no technology needed, this is all a hands-on experience. Here they create masterpieces, everything is a hands-on arts-and-crafts studio. Playmation has the state-of-the-art gear, young superheroes-in-training can interact with the game’s environment via every move they make, Preston had a blast, this is where he came face to face with Storm Troopers and nailed down his stance to fight Darth Vader. The Wheelhouse will have you hunting for lost treasure in Tides of Fortune, a multiplayer Pirates of the Caribbean game, using computers, large LCD screens, and navigation simulators, buccaneers-to-be can even steer their ship through the mysterious Caribbean sea. If your older kids want to be part of a bigger group, there’s also guided group activities, from Get the Hook, Monsters, Inc. Open “Mike” Night, Piston Cup Challenge, Stitch’s Adventure Squad and Super Sloppy Science with Professor Make-O-Mess.

Now that you’ve got your kiddo tuckered out, it’s time to eat. There isn’t a shortage of restaurants, from casual to dressy you have a plethora of choices and if you get hungry in the middle of night because let's face it, I did (hangs head in shame, lol) ordered a cheese plate, side of fries, you can too!

Here’s the thing, as parents having peace of mind when it gets to our children is priceless. This is what a Disney Cruise vacation is, you’re mind is at rest. First off every Disney Cast member knows your childs' name, they know who every child belongs to, and most importantly the cruise is built for kids safety. Kids are given Magic Bands to wear, if they are dropped off at the center, they can only be picked up by whom you designate as a pickup person.

A Disney Cruise is where a kid can be a kid, literally they can scream, have a meltdown, drop food, spill drinks, hand them a pizza and they loudly voice that they have changed their mind and want mac-n-cheese, whatever you can think of you’re little darling can throw your way, it’s perfectly acceptable by everyone on the cruise. From cast to the guest, we’re all in it together. The BEST part, to know you won’t get that death glare from a stranger when your little one is flipping out or feeling that heat going down your spine because you’re tripping out internally, you will NOT once be going through any of these wild emotions. You know why because you’re on a Disney Cruise!!!! I can’t emphasize enough, you ARE in the safe zone, parents unite and we are all one.

This and so many other reasons are why a Disney Cruise is the only way to vacation, other than staying on WDW properties. You see, when planning a regular vacation you have to factor a million things, when you’re on a Disney cruise it’s built in. Now for the absolute coolest part, Disney has released new cruise dates and destinations. Have fun and tag me on all your Disney Vacations, I’d love to follow along! x

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