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MEDIEVAL TIMES, A Queen Has Been Crowned!

I don’t know about you but I’ve always found Medieval Times restaurant to have an aura of mystery. I love the era of Kings and Queens, Knights fighting for your honor and, or, hand in marriage. Clothing was worn to express your status in life, you wore clothes for a purpose, to be regal, to shine like the diamond you’re meant to be. The detail works on all dress, even the men with their silk trousers and long tunics, it’s mesmerizing. Oh the horses, beautiful and regal, they’re enchanting. To ride on these beautiful animals is such an honor. You can see it in the Knights faces as they’re championing for a win, that they are one with their horse. From the moment you enter Medieval Times, you know you’re in for a deliciously wild ride. The castle is impeccable, the souvenirs section is mind-blowing. They sell real swords, from jeweled encrusted swords to the simplest one.

One thing I never factored in, there’s no silverware when you’re eating. With all the pomp and pageantry, when eating you’re one hot mess. Head up, because I forgot, during the Medieval period they ate with their hands. This part I could forgo, lol, my hands were messy but the food was so yummy that it didn't matter. My kiddo dove in, he ate everything. I have to tell you, my picky eater ate everything on his plate and had fun doing it. Just because I this, I will be returning to Medieval Times, not only did he eat but was having a blast watching the knights jousting. Here's what's wonderful about Medieval Times, they have Vegetarian dishes, Gluten free, Vegan, and Kosher meal options upon request! Did you know up until recently Medieval times didn’t have a Queen?

Heads up, when you purchase a ticket I would highly recommend adding the Queen's Royalty Package, for an additional $22 you get Priority Castle Access, VIP First Row All Section Seating or Second Row in Center Section, Priority Seating Access, Cheering Banner, VIP Lanyard and Framed Entrance Group Photo, absolutely worth it.

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament is ushering in a new royal ruler as the lead role in their wildly popular Southern California production at the Buena Park castle. For the first time in the company’s 34-year tradition of having a king as the sole ruler of the land, a female character will make history in the company’s newest show debuting on March 16th in the heart of Orange County, just miles from Los Angeles and San Diego. The matriarchal move came as a result of guest feedback on the roles that women played within the fantasy story-telling production. The new queen character is a firm, but kind, ruler who inherited the throne at the passing of her father, the previous king. The role has already been unveiled at Medieval Times castles in Dallas, Chicago and New Jersey to wide acclaim, with an additional five North American castles debuting the new show later this year, following Buena Park’s launch. Did you know since Medieval Times opening in 1986 they do about 700 shows per year and are open 365 days a year!

Tickets for the dinner and show start as low as $36.95, making it an attractive alternative for

families looking for an evening of fun, or even groups of adults celebrating everything from

birthdays to corporate events. “Our new female queen is a sign of the times and we couldn’t be more excited to bring her to Southern California,” said Pedro Goite, Medieval Times Buena Park General Manager. “Historically, female characters have held strong supporting roles in our production but now we are showing a woman in charge who is respected throughout the kingdom for her authority, leadership and incredible strength. And she definitely rises to the occasion.” Medieval Times Buena Park, California venue has entertained more than 15 million guests since opening in June 1986. The iconic Southern California castle performs more than 700 shows per year, the most of all the castles. From epic battles of steel and swordplay, to royal falconry and horsemanship – the royal courts offer memories to last for generations. Additionally, an elaborate four-course meal fit for royalty (including vegetarian options), and the wide variety of libations and spirits, make for a festive evening of food and fun.

Here are some additional fun facts, the debut of the queen character and storyline, the new production features. More than 700 new costumes for all nine castles’ performers including horses, all of which are custom-designed and hand-made at a dedicated costume shop near the Dallas Design District. Two hundred new suits of armor, shields and helmets, all custom-designed and hand-made at a dedicated armory in Florida. More than 350 team members and 225 horses who have rehearsed new lines and fight scenes for three months while still presenting the current show. This include the queens undergoing an intense two months of training to become experts at riding the impressive Andalusian stallion for the new show. New music composed by Dr. Daniel May, the composer and jazz pianist who scored “Everest” and other films, and has worked with notables such as Sting and The Moody Blues. He directed and recorded Medieval Times’ new show composition in Kiev with the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine. This includes directing the choir in Ukraine with lyrics written by notable poet and choir member Solomia Gorokhivska.

A live-action film score precisely synchronized with every element of the show, from

lights to fights; jousts to jabs; the Queen’s entry to curtain closings; and more.

A sound and light production featuring 120 hours of programming with 300 new music

cues and 500 new lighting cues. Buena Park is one of several castles installing and

programming a new LED lighting system that offers 256 colors versus the old 14-color

system. The system is powered by 10 miles of cable and an estimated $1 million

upgrade. Medieval Times is located 1838, 7662 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620, to call for any questions Phone: (714) 523-1100 and for reservations Medieval Times.

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