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Sherlock Gnomes Easter Basket Ideas!

Who’s ready for Sherlock Gnomes? We are!! Woohoo, not only are we excited about this comical movie but I’ll be creating Prestons' Easter Basket Gnomes theme. Now if you know me well, I stay away from chocolate in the basket. I love to place books, toys, frames, things that are usable and most importantly fun.

First stop Michael's, instead of using Easter grass use garland, not as messy and you’ll only need one strand of it. The great part the garland is reusable! Here are my top 10 basket filler ideas:

1. Mini LEGO Sets, you can actually find these right now at some of your 99 cent stores!

2. Mini Gnomes (they’re on sale right now at Michael's, Tiny Treasure Minutes)

3. Alphabet Magnets

4. Sidewalk Chalk

5. Sticker Activity Book

6. Matchbox or Hot Wheels

7. Play-Doh

8. Kinetic Sand

9. Dry Erase Activity Books

10. Books

Now for our Easter Basket, I placed a huge Bunny with his favorite carrot so he can hop along with us all day. I love to create an Easter corner in the house, this is the perfect spot to take a pic. The great part about our Easter corner you can create your very own Gnome village. Take a peek at our basket, not only did I use garlands to fill the basket but I surrounded the basket with fake flowers to give it a lofty feel.

When the gnomes go missing, there’s only one gnome for the job. Watch the new trailer for #SherlockGnomes, and see it in theatres March 2018!

After a string of garden gnome disappearances in London, Gnomeo & Juliet look to legendary detective Sherlock Gnomes to solve the case of their missing friends and family.

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