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I was invited to preview the mid-season premiere of Once Upon A Time and no, I will not spoil it for you. If you’re a fan like I am then you know it will be great and look out for a lot of surprises. Get your popcorn and wine ready because once it starts you will not want to leave your seat.

Here’s a secret I’m going to share with you, I just recently started watching it, I stumbled across Once Upon A Time on Netflix when I was in search of a new show to watch. I LOVE the show. Once Upon A Time is the first EVER show to portray Snow White holding a sword. They have given our favorite characters life and added pizazz to them. Empowering our favorite ladies to be the bad a$$ that they are and not a damsel in distress.

As you might know or not, Once Upon A Time premiered on October 23, 2011. Once Upon A Time follows various fairy-tale characters who are transported to the real world and robbed of their original memories by a powerful curse. The first six seasons were largely set in the fictitious seaside town of Storybrooke, Maine, with Emma Swan as the lead character, while the seventh takes place in a Seattle, Washington neighborhood called Hyperion Heights, with a new main narrative led by an adult Henry Mills. Once Upon a Time was created by Lost and Tron: Legacy writers, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. Whom in my mind are both geniuses. Could you imagine creating such epic tv shows that touch people lives. To be able to captivate an audience every week for years to come is pure talent and magical.

Here’s where season finales get a little tricky, not all finales sit well with us, not all loose ends are wrapped up in a pretty bow, favorite characters might or might not return, so it’s super hard making sure a beloved show such as this gets a proper season finale. That was my question, I wanted to know how they felt about the last episode, what they wanted viewers to walk away and most importantly when looking back on the show what feelings did they want viewers to resonate with? Season finales are tough, it’s not Nutella, not everyone will be happy.

Alex and Edward both agreed that the season finale will be bittersweet. They won't be tieing up all loose ends, instead, it will be an emotional car ride home. They will be celebrating one last adventure, you may see old friends that you've missed, it’s going to be tear jerker so grab a box of tissue. You'll be one hot mess for the season finale of Once Upon A Time. I’m sad to see it go but grateful that it was on for as long as it was. I can binge watch it whenever I want!

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