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Black Panther, LONG LIVE THE KING!

Have you ever left a movie feeling exhilarated? Thinking you can conquer the world, whatever is thrown your way you can do anything? Believing that things can be better and that love does exist. Black Panther, Wakanda, has a piece of my heart, I left knowing that if we have faith and vision, anything is possible. Black Panther has made history, not only is this the first African American superhero action movie but it’s the first movie that has kick-ass women that are the backbone of the country. Strong, fearless, powerful women that aren't intimidated by other women, the Wakanda women are everything that we want to be and more.

The woman of Wakanda are stunning, they’re the true warriors. The fighters are highly skilled, sharp and have shaved heads (this is important, read on), which by the way is super hot. When asked about shaving their hair, NISCHELLE TURNER explained what was going through their minds when they buzzed off their hair for the role of a lifetime. When NISHELLE first shaved off her hair she questioned her decision, but as the day went on and seeing her counterparts with shaved heads, it dawned on her, this is so much more than just hair, this is about showing woman that your esthetics don’t define you, it’s what's inside of you that determines who you are. NISCHELLE TURNER, “This is what it means to feel good about who you are, and what you look like, and celebrating blackness, and oneness, and family, and culture, and all of that.”

It’s breathtaking to see a sea of stunning black women that are the driving force behind technology, where they haven’t sacrificed who they are or dumb themselves down to make others feel comfortable. They each have embraced who they are which is freaking phenomenal. Black Panther is not only the wealthiest superhero but Wakanda is an advanced country, the Black Panther suit is bulletproof, their scientific knowledge is light years ahead of any other country. LETITIA WRIGHT expressed how women are breaking ground with their technical advancement in Wakanda.  “What I love about it, how it was written, that the men are always behind the women. So no one’s undermined, the men aren’t saying, ‘You shouldn’t be in technology, and you shouldn’t be in math.’ They’re supportive, they are saying, “No, go ahead.” and T’Challa is just as reassuring, “Go ahead, Sis. This is your department. This is your domain. kill it.” LETITIA WRIGHT continues, “I’m gonna work with you to finalize it (T’Challa )” - cause he’s dope. “Just do your thing. Stay in your lane.’ And then at that moment, you’re in awe because that’s the mentality of a king, and that’s brilliant. Because as a king you know that everybody’s got their own lane.

Black Panther follows King T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) in the aftermath of Captain America: Civil War. T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) returns home to Wakanda to be crowned king after the assassination of his father, T’Chaka, this is where his extraordinary journey begins. Here’s the thing, this is the first time I’ve seen Africa portrayed as the beautiful country that it truly is. I can say this, I was lucky enough to visit Africa, there are parts of Africa that is so exotic that you can’t breathe, it’s beauty is captivating. You'll see animals that you read about in stories or have caught a glimpse of at the zoo, in some cases rare animal that are almost extinct, it feels like a fairytale. You'll find the kindest people you'll ever meet, so full of love and light, To see Africa, the continent that birthed humanity in this light, EPIC.  

Everyone should see this movie, it will leave you speechless. You'll want to be part of history that was made when making this movie. You'll remember for the rest of your life what theater you saw Black Panther at and how it made you feel. Thank you, Disney and Marvel, for inviting me to the pre-screening of Black Panther. I will never forget how I felt leaving Black Panther, it was a surge of energy I needed, to know that hope is alive and most of all that a movie is so powerful that it moves you, that's electrifying. Enjoy every single minute of Black Panther, you’ll thank me for seeing it.

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