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Party in Style and Comfort with Knix!

Getting ready for the OSCARS or just everyday mommyhood, you need to incorporate Knix in your life! I have and I love it, especially their leak-proof undies. Did I get your attention? I know they grabbed my attention when I saw that. First, let’s start off with their bras that hold like an underwire but without the discomfort of a wire bra.

If you find underwire bras unbearable like I do then you’re going to love Knix! They have a selection of wire-free bras that offer the support you need with the style. Advances in fabric technology and design have helped to create very supportive, comfortable bras that are a dream to wear. I no longer rush home to rip off my bra, I wear it all day and actually sleep in it. They're so comfortable and most of all it feels amazing against my skin. The great part of a wireless bra, endless pinching, sliding, jabbing, especially if you’re dealing with breast tenderness are eliminated, these bras are amazing. Knix bras are easy to travel with, compact, wireless and versatile. You can wear it everyday day for comfort, at the gym or a night out with the girls.

Here’s the breakdown of why you need a wireless bra (s) in your life, it’s liberating! Spillage free, I find with my wire bras I have 4 boobs, not so pretty when it’s obvious. Gaping or wrinkling in the Cup in an underwire and padded bras leave you with space at the top of the bra, or the fabric cups with underwire Knix bras you will never again have this problem. Wireless bras move with your body, allows you to be free, what all moms what to feel when we’re running around after our little ones.

Now here’s the next bit that I am super excited to share with you! Knix has a line of leak-proof underwear!!! I was at a jumpy center recently and was jumping around and the majority of the time I was thinking, “OMG, I might leak.” The thought of this in public is terrifying, especially when I’m having fun. I soon realized I don’t have to worry about this because my underwear is LEAKPROOF!! WooHoo!!!! Do you know how liberating that feels? No longer hostage and worried about accidents, these panties move with your body and feel amazing. You can thank me later.

Knix has a line of tanks, loungewear, leak-proof and accessories to shop from. They also have a Knixteen line which is fabulous, forward this to all moms with teenage daughters. If you know any little girl who’s just started her cycle, their panty line will be outstanding. Check out Knix, you'll thank me. Party on in style and most importantly in comfort

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