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Be the Cool Mom and Get the DC Comics Batman Batmobile Car Twin Bed!!!

Have you ever bought something for your kiddo and when you unpacked it your inner child was screaming? This is exactly what happened to me when I unboxed our Batman Batmobile Car Twin Bed. As a single mom, I was worried I would need help putting the bed together so I called my brother to help. The funny part of all this, when my brother saw the box he wanted to take it to his house for HIMSELF! Ummm....NO....LOL.

The bed was super easy to put together, instructions are plain to read thank goodness because truthfully I have zero patience to read in-depth instructions. It needs to be easy and pretty much bullet point for me. These instructions were simple to follow along and no guessing involved. Now let the fun begin, once we've assembled the bed we both stood there in awe. It is so freaking cool, why didn't we have this growing up? Listen if my little one doesn't want to sleep in his bed (which he does) I will. Our Batmobile twin bed is sturdy and most importantly, in our home, it's jump tested approved (jump at your own risk). The bed is super duper cool for all ages, if they had it in a queen, I WOULD BUY IT! This is the ultimate bed to have your kiddos dream come true and yours. The room looks so pretty having our Batmobile, it's not the focal point.

Now when P saw the bed the first things he said to me was,"this is so awesome mama, thank you" and "We need a Bat Signal." I froze, didn't even think of that, now I will tell you before you unveil the bed make sure you have the signal on the ceiling or wall and then show them their Batmobile bed. So I called upon a friend that I know will have the answers to everything, Google. Google and Pinterest broke it down for me step by step and I will share it with you to make life easier and save you time.

The first step, find a Symbol Template! Use Google or Pinterest to look up pictures of bat symbol or bat symbol templates. Find one that works for you, I was wanting one to place on our lampshade. Know the dimensions of your lampshade and or flashlight before your print out your template, this is important, you want it to fit right. What you print out will determine how big the signal will be.

The second step, print our your template. Print it out in black (my first print was colorless and I couldn't see it.) Once printed, cut it out, take your time cutting the symbol out you don't want to cut anything off by accident like I did, trial and error. Then take your bat symbol and trace it onto cardboard. You can use a cereal box to trace your symbol. Once you've traced your bat signal onto the cardboard start cutting it out. I placed ours on the inside of our lampshade, so when we flip on the lights the signal is on his wall. Viola, there's your signal, I can just hear the Batman theme music.

Now with our bat signal and Batmobile bed, we are set to save Gotham city! You can find Batman Batmobile Bed at Walmart and or Amazon. I want to thank Delta Child Products for sending us our bed, I never in my wildest dream thought I could do something like for my little one, I will forever be appreciative and thankful for making our dream come true.

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