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DREAMWORKS Presents A NETFLIX Original Series, TrollHunters Tales of Arcadia From Guillermo Del Toro

DREAMWORKS TROLLHUNTERS PART 2 Premiers on Friday December 15th! 

I was recently invited to DREAMWORKS to preview TROLLHUNTERS, now I have to tell you I was a fan before they invited me but now being given the inside scoop, I LOVE the show. We had access to the animators, writers, and talents of DreamWorks TrollHunters, it was such a privilege. It’s fascinating to see what goes into a show and how much hard work, time, effort and dedication everyone has. A talented crew, their presence drove home to me, that we should always let our children dream for that’s how these adults, when they were children, they dreamed of bigger things and as they grew up, they were able to manifest their dreams into reality.Thank you, DreamWorks for including me in such a fantastic day that was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. DreamWorks, you made it that much more special because it is my favorite program!

The year has gone by in a Blinky of an eye, but don’t fret, because DreamWorks TrollHunters part 2  find Guillermo Del Toro premieres on Friday, December 15, only Netflix! I know, The weight makes me want to say AAARRRGGHH!!! too.

Once again, ordinary teen-turned- TrollHunter Jim Lake Jr. faces new challenges and his continued battle to protect his hometown of Arcadia and the enchanted troll world he inherited. Jim is risky decision to enter Darklands unearths starling discoveries, forcing him and his friends to face gripping consequences as they race to end the battle against evil. Hope you enjoy the new season as much as I did, happy Troll Hunting!

In lieu of DREAMWORKS TROLLHUNTERS, I've teamed up with DREAMWORKS to give one lucky fan Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia - FUNKO FIGURINE; AAARRRGGHH; "3 3/4 INCH FULLY POSABLE ACTION FIGURE" STICKER, Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia - FUNKO FIGURINE; BLINKOUS GALADRIGAL; "3 3/4 INCH FULLY POSABLE ACTION FIGURE" STICKER, Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia - FUNKO FIGURINE; BULAR; "3 3/4 INCH FULLY POSABLE ACTION FIGURE" STICKER! Woohoo!!!! Enter here and share with me your favorite TROLLHUNTER adventure.

Disclaimer* Thank you DREAMWORKS for the "TROLLHUNTERS' Funko figures, I love them! 

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