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Have you ever felt unwanted, as if the world around you doesn’t like you, you’re being set up to fail? This was Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill fate, as he was bestowed the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945. I was invited to the Darkest Hour screening and Press Junket and I’m going to say this now, Darkest Hour is an OSCAR CONTENDER!!!! Thank you Focus Features for inviting me to such an unbelievably amazing event and most importantly for teaching me an important history lesson.

First I need to let you know about the movie, it’s SPECTACULAR!!!!!! Gary Oldman deserves more than an OSCAR! Sir Winston Churchill's great great grandson, Randolph Churchill was at the press junket, he even agreed that Mr. Oldman was not only the spitting image of his great great grandfather but that every time they saw him in his costume, he thought it was his Sir Churchill. That’s how amazing Mr. Oldman's performance is, dynamic, enchanting and downright convincing, you felt like you were actually watching the war unfold in front of you. The cinematography and costume design is mind-blowing. I had a chance to talk to Jacqueline Durran, who’s a British costume designer. Jacqueline Durran has won a BAFTA award for Vera Drake, she’s also received considerable attention for her work in Pride & Prejudice, for which she received an Academy Award for Best Costume Design nomination and won a Satellite Award. She also won an Academy Award for her work on Anna Karenina. So you know nothing was spared. From Sir Churchill robes, suits, silk boxers, pocket watch, which BTW was specifically made for the movie. The pocket watch is estimated at over $75,000 euros! Gary Oldman’s ring that he wore throughout the movie is a replica of the ring that Sir Churchill wore every day. Everything, down to the T was exactly as how it was. Even the calendars in the war room, the maps, are on point. Watch the video below, what they reveal is mind-blowing.

In my mind I believe the movie is called Darkest Hour not only because we were truly dealing with the Darkest mind in history, Hitler, but he was given the Prime Minister position because everyone wanted him to fail, he was going to be the scapegoat, he was “unwanted” but no one knew he was needed! I don’t know if Sir Churchill realized that he was awarded this position to specifically fail but I do know, he knew and felt that no one took him seriously, he was looked down upon and mocked. But what the people failed to realize, Sir Churchill was a visionary, a man of conviction, his constituents came first. Keeping his country safe, bringing home his military intact, as much as he could, and not cowering to Hitler was his goal, his life's mission and he did it. In school I wasn't taught about Sir Churchill's bravery, his constant dealing with bully peers, how he handles himself, what he sacrificed in his life to reach his goals, how he loved his country, then his family, no, this is why DARKEST HOUR is a must-see movie.

Homeschooling moms, this is a MUST see movie, children ages 8 and up will be able to process what is happening. If you are in the LA, OC, Santa Barbara area I’d combine seeing the movie and visiting The Queen Mary. The Queen Mary is running The Golden Anniversary program which includes the opening of an important new Churchill exhibit - "Their Finest Hour" - a Memorial service recognizing her troopship service, Fire Boat Salute to the Queen Mary and other celebratory activities. The exhibit is fabulous, it’s jarring to know where you are standing, anywhere on The Queen Mary that Sir Churchill stood. Are you wondering why the exhibit is called, “Their Finest Hour?” "This was their finest hour" is the title commonly attributed to a speech delivered by Winston Churchill to the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom on 18 June 1940. It was given just over a month after he took over as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at the head of an all-party coalition government. This is the speech that solidified him as a contender, he was to be taken seriously, that HE WAS THE MAN TO KEEP HIS COUNTRY SAFE. Yes, that’s in all caps, I want you to realize that if a man in his position is feeling defeated, betrayed, unwanted, and can battle thru it all, stand his ground, not lose focus, and succeed, so can you. Anything that you are going through, you can overcome, we're more powerful than we think. Yes, we are not Prime MInsters of a country but we are the Prime Minister of our own lives, forge forward and don’t allow the negative voices hold you back, only you can hold yourself back. DARKEST HOUR is a MUST for all, so much to learn, not only about the war but about conviction, self-control and being held accountable. I could go on, but the article would never end. DARKEST HOUR is in theaters now, don’t miss it.

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