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Maestro Sausage

Maestro Sausage is a family owned and operated, 4-generation Sausage Company, founded by their Great-Grandpa the Maestro. They're the oldest sausage company in LA! Over 90 years in business! We started at Eastside Market in 1926 as a meat market and sandwich shop. Eventually the sausages were doing so well that they started making the sausage full-time and servicing wholesale accounts.

Johnny Angiuli, who worked at Eastside Market at the time, bought Eastside Market, which is still run in the same location by his sons today. Maestro Sausage Company only makes about 15 core sausage recipes that have been perfected and fine-tuned over the years. The most recent creation is their brand-new Jalapeno Bacon Cheddar Sausage that they developed by request for the LA Chargers. Now served at the StubHub Center! Their sausage is served by LAs most authentic and beloved restaurants of all varieties. If you’ve lived in LA long enough, chances are you’ve had our sausage without knowing it since they mostly sell to restaurants! Frank Sinatra was a big fan of Maestro Sausage. He used to call ahead to Matteo’s in West LA and tell them that he was coming in for dinner and that he wanted some extra Hot Italian Sausage to take home! His standard order!

Now let me tell you about the Hot Italian Sausage! Their Italian sausage is the oldest recipe and the one that started it all at Eastside Market. It's the perfect Italian Sausage for any Italian Sausage recipe, and, this Hot Italian was the one that was Frank Sinatra’s favorite. Being Californians, their family LOVES to make Italian Sausage and Avocado Sandwiches. It’s so simple, it’s a perfect pairing, and it’s so delicious, yet nobody ever seems to do it. They also love to cook up what they call their “East LA Sausage and Peppers.” This is a fun recipe that they have served at the LA Street Food Festival a few years back. Grill an Italian Sausage, cook a corn tortilla and melt some cheese on it (they like to use smoked gouda), and then place the Italian sausage on the tortilla with cheese, top it with some peppers and onions, and eat it like a taco. Corn tortillas and Italian sausage make an amazing team!

Small Italian Rope Sausage! This is a thin rope Italian sausage that is an Italian delicacy. It’s a mild Italian sausage (sometimes called a sweet Italian sausage) that has a very delicate flavor, and it’s great for everything from breakfast to dinner. Serve this sausage in a pinwheel for a very elegant presentation, or in cool shapes to have some fun.

Chorizo links! This is their chorizo recipe that they've worked long and hard to develop to satisfy the refined tastes of La Barca Restaurantes, one of the most well-known and well respected Mexican restaurants in the Mexican-American communities in East Los Angeles, whose criticism helped guide them. They make it in a link by request, but it’s better when you take it out of the casing to cook it. The link helps to keep the meat held together to really maximize how well it can be smashed down when cooked. Get a pan searing hot, take the chorizo meat out of the casing (but don't crumble it), and smash the skinless link down into a pan. Since Chorizo is a bit fattier than most other sausages by request, no need to add oil to the pan. Flip the patty to sear the other side, or just start to crumble it to finish cooking it. Besides adding it to eggs, and other traditional Mexican dishes, they love adding it to mac n cheese.

Their brand new Jalapeno Bacon Cheddar is the new Charger Sausage for the LA Chargers, and it is sold at Stubhub Center at all the Chargers games. It’s savory, cheesy, spicy, smoky, and it has just a hint of sweetness. So far, it’s been a hit. Over all, it’s a great sausage for sausage platters, sandwiches, cut up as an appetizer, and it’s just all around delicious. This one is already precooked, so it’s nice and easy! We also have a GIANT one for you! They use these giant links at Stubhub also for an enormous specialty sandwich called the Three Little Piggies.

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