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5 Safety Tips For Your Pets On Halloween Brought to you by My Town: Pets.

Halloween is always an exciting time for your children! It’s one of the most festive holidays and they get to pretend to be anything they would like to be for the entire day. Here at My Town, we have so much fun with Halloween that not only have we made an entire game about it --My Town: Haunted House, but we also have My Town: Pets, where kids can dress up just like their pets!

As fun as this day can be, it can also be a nightmare for your pet. We are here to help alleviate some of the scariness for your pets with our top tips to keeping your pets happy and healthy this Halloween.

  1. Pets Cannot Eat Your Treats

Chocolate is almost always lethal for dogs and cats. They do not have the same enzymes to break down chocolate as humans, and even a tiny amount can cause seizures and even death. It’s not just chocolate that can be harmful to your pet. They might smell a wrapper from an eaten candy and try to eat the wrapper, only to have it collect in their intestines.

  1. Keep Pets Away From The Door You Constantly Open to Trick-or-Treaters

Does your dog and cat run to the door when the doorbell rings, or when you open the door? Think of how many times your door will be opening and closing on Halloween. Then, standing right in front of them, will be total strangers dressed oddly and yelling out for candy. Dogs may become territorial or anxious and even might growl or jump at trick-or-treaters. Cats may dart out an open front door into a dark night. We recommend keeping your dogs and cats securely in another room during trick-or-treat hours.

  1. Make Sure Your Jack-O-Lanterns Are Out of Pets Reach

One wag of a tail can knock over lit candles and cause harm to your pets, you and your house. There is a high risk of fire if your pets get too close to a lit pumpkin.

  1. Try Out Costumes Before the Big Day

While it’s very cute to see your pets dressed up, this is not normal for them. They may injure themselves trying to wiggle their way out of the costume, so give it a trial run before Halloween and make sure you keep your eyes on your pet while they are in costume.

  1. Let’s See Some ID

Just in case your pet DOES get out of the house on Halloween, make sure they are either microchipped or have their collar on with easily seen ID, so that you can be reunited as soon as possible.

It’s always a good idea to know where your nearest 24-hour emergency vet is just in case. We hope that with a few simple tips to keep in mind, you AND your pets can have a happy and safe Halloween!

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