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Kids In The Spotlight Fundraiser At The District By Hannah An!

Thank you Marque Media for inviting me to Kids In The Spotlight fundraiser held at The District By Hannah An. If you're looking for a charity organization to support allow me to suggest, Kids In The Spotlight. Kids In The Spotlight program trains youths in foster care programs and other under served youth to create, write, cast and star in their own short films. This training culminates in an annual film festival competition where they present “Movies by Kids, for Kids”. Kid in the Spotlight allows kids to express themselves through the art of film making and encourages interest in careers in the movie industry, which is so prevalent in Los Angeles.

I couldn’t love this organization more, they are helping our neighborhood children. Kids In The Spotlight is making an impact, along with the help of some pretty powerful heavy hitters in Hollywood. Last week I attended their fundraiser at The District, which by far is one of my favorite restaurants in LA, not because I love it but because this is the one restaurant where my kiddo, who is an epically picky eater, will eat at! If you haven’t been, go! You’ll thank me later and if you’re lucky you’ll run into Hannah An, the mastermind behind The District, her heart of gold shows, her entire staff is truly exceptional.

Kids In The Spotlight train youth ages 11-17 who are in the foster care system, and other under served youth, to create, write, cast and star in their own 10-minute short films, culminating in an annual film festival competition where we present “Movies by Kids, for Kids”. The fundraiser helps with the cost of what the kids need, their children never have to worry about finances, they are able to be creative children, they’re able to make something of their own that they can call theirs, teaching and instilling ownership. The magnitude of this organization should be acknowledged, they are teaching independence, confidence and nurturing children's creativity. This is so important for a child, to know they can succeed and be whatever they set their minds to. That your environment does not define you, you define you. With powerful influencers in Hollywood such as, Ty Burrell from Modern Family, Mo McRae from Sons of Anarchy, Fox Studios and the outstanding roaster of board members, they definitely have the support and acknowledgment from people who recognize the importance of this institution. Their next event is the childrens film festival, date TBD. Till then, check out their site and sponsor a child or donate, be a part of making a difference in one child's life.

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