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"You don't need lipstick, lipstick needs You!" ~ Beautycon

Beautycon 2017…..AH-Mazing! Thank you Beautycon for inviting me to cover this coveted event. The hottest ticket of the year and if you haven't jumped on it this year, you must for next year. And when you do, purchase the Hauler package. Not only will you be granted early access, which is a MUST HAVE, you’ll also receive a Beautycon VIP bag filled with everything imaginable, it’s Christmas in a bag. I’m not talking about little samples, they are FULL-size products from each line showcased at Beautycon.

Beautycon has mastered the meaningful connection for communities throughout their Beautycon Festivals, Beautycon Box, and Beautycon Digital, their goal which they have successfully engineered has shaped and redefined beauty and all the while challenging status quo and upping the game while creating a "style" destination for all. The energy level was combustible, if you’re ever wondered where all the fashionista and beauty experts congregate to, they’re ALL at Beautycon.

Now allow me to explain the floor plan that blew me away, actually it was remarkable, no matter where you stood in the convention center you could see every booth, you heard me, every brand was visible, there were no hidden booths in cracks of the layout, you didn’t need to search high and low for any brand. It was ingenious, no matter where you were located as a vendor you were showcased and as an attendee, you could see who was in attendance. Shopping and discovering new and well-known names were glistening row to row, and panel discussions were at your fingertips. The panel, talent and a few brands ranged from Shaun Ross / Jasmine Brown / Alisha Marie / Mia Stammer / Tana Mongeau / Karla Jara / Amy Pham / Natalie's Outlet / Siena Mirabella / Brendan Jordan / Jeanine Amapola / Real Techniques By Sam & Nic / Agave Healing Oil / Grande Cosmetics / Bio Ionic / Califia Farms / Honey Belle / Kokie Professional / Lime Light by Alcone / Absolute New York / rumba / Styli-Style / Not Your Mother's / Daily Concepts / Wet n Wild and so many more.

Social media has woven its way through out the very fabric of our lives which was illuminated beautifully at Beautycon. Beautycon had built in photo opportunities every step of the way. There were fun backdrops, angel wing wall canvas, Beautycon coloring wall, mini Beautycon red carpet for Beautycon goers, variety(s) of booths each with their own unique themes, L'Oréal Eiffel Tower, and flawless lighting photo opportunities integrated throughout the show. It was epic, some of the picture opportunity was mind blowing, one in specific was the ball pit filled with thousands of red balls. Or meeting Jay Manuel, or Shayla at their designated booths, they had lighting setup for the perfect shot and story telling. Check out my interview with Jay Manuel, his cosmetic line is pure perfection.

Beautycon Festivals represent high-energy IRL experiences, around the world, for creators, traditional celebrities, brands, and fans, to come together around common interests – beauty, fashion, style, and staying true to yourself. From London and New York to Los Angeles, filled with engaging panel discussions, meetups, selfies and brand activations, Beautycon Festivals have seen more than 60,000 fans attend worldwide and day-of event #hashtags often trend globally on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Your favorite brands and creators like NYX, QVC, Maybelline New York, Nike, Bethany Mota, SunKiss Alba, and Zendaya have all been part of our Festivals, which are expanding to the Middle East and throughout the U.S. and Europe over the next year.

Thank you again Beautycon for this once in a lifetime opportunity, to be surrounded by inspiring women who are truly are #GirlBosses and have a passion for what they do. A few things I took away, dare to follow your passion, take a stand for what you believe in and most importantly, FIND YOUR TRIBE. Find friends that are ambitious, willing to push you to the next level, in essence, you’ll be adjusting each other's crowns. Find friends whom understand and appreciate strength is possible when we unite! Be the woman whom you wish you had to aspired to be and are willing to take the chance to become. x

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