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Justice League at Magic Mountain! RIDE.PLAY.TRIUMPH

Summer is almost over and I’m in need of another Magic Mountain run, specifically for Justice League! Have you discovered the Justice League ride? OMG, wait for it….. Justice League: Battle for Metropolis combines motion-platform ride vehicles with a shoot-’em-up video game that plays out on a series of 3-D movie screens. It is one of the coolest rides I’ve been on. I LOVE all the DC character, even Harley Quinn, she scares me, wowzer. You're caught in an iconic battle and your help is needed, get in on the action, bring your A game and gear up for a battle. Justice League is based on the crime-fighting team of DC Comics superheroes, the new ride’s back story finds Lex Luthor, the Joker, and Harley Quinn teaming up to kidnap the Justice League superheroes and unleash a sinister laughing gas on the unsuspecting citizens of Metropolis. The mission: Rescue the Justice League and save Metropolis from destruction. Justice League: Battle for Metropolis saves the best scenes for last, which plays out on a pair of 60-foot-wide curved screens. Riders simulate a corkscrew inversion while shooting at armed villains aboard a subway train in one subterranean scene. During a car chase scene, riders navigate a simulated vertical loop while racing through downtown high-rises teeming with flying Lex-bot droids. This thrilling ride brings an unbelievable rush and most of all, you’re engaged throughout the entire process of the ride. Here’s the kicker, in the end, you’ll get to pick out your ride picture and it’s hilarious. My facial expressions were absolutely insane, didn’t know I could contort my face that way, lol.

Moms, one of the greatest parts of Magic Mountain is the kids section. Start with the Canyon Blaster, an Acme mining car which is a sweet and breezy ride that will remind you of scenes from classic Road Runner Cartoons. I loved this ride, reminded me of the cartoons I use to watch on Sunday mornings with my dad, when I was growing up Sunday morning was cartoon days, lol. Another reason I have to return to Magic Mountain, I've got to take my dad so he can experience the rides, he will love it! Next up, Daffy's Adventure Tours. Daffy’s magical tour bus, leaves the ground and floats low in the air as it circles its scenic route of colorful trees surrounding snow covered mountains, and a view of Bugs Bunny World! You’ll climb into Elmer’s Weather Balloon, with its colorful striped balloon baskets, get ready to lift into the air. The Grand American Carousel has 64 beautiful lovingly hand-carved horses to enjoy and create memories with your little one. They also have Merrie Melodies Carousel in Bugs Bunny World which is for our littlest ones. Discover Magic Flyer is a junior-sized open-air roller coaster. The Magic Flyer will ride up a 10-foot tall hill and see the sights in the charming little train village of Whistlestop Park. My favorite, Pepe LePew’s Tea Party, spin around in your favorite tea cup. Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers is a part of Bugs Bunny World, hop aboard the miniature hot rod race cars together and enjoy an action-packed ride. Sylvester’s Pounce and Bounce, your little one will take a seat and pounce with silly Sylvester all the way to the top of a 20-foot tall tower. Taz’s Trucking Company, these little trucks wind through the woodsy setting and covered tunnels, the trucks are on a slow and gentle track but your trucker will feel like they are conquering the world. A huge centerpiece with a giant moose head and some of your favorite Looney Tunes characters watch over the fun. Now, visit Tweety’s Escape, jump into a kid-sized birdcage and swing away, just in case that clever cat Sylvester chases you. Whistletop Train, the trains are pulling into the station, a Choo-Choo for conductors of all ages. At Yosemite Sam Flight School you get to pick out your favorite color propeller plane and you’ll take off into the air, flying round and round and up and down, just like a real airplane! Here is the irony, after all these great rides, we're exhausted and our little one is exactly like the energizer battery, here is your chance to sit back and watch your little one. Looney Tunes Lodge it’s a big enclosed play place, with lots of open space for little kids to stretch their legs, explore, climb on, slide down, jump up, and navigate! Last but not least you must get your photo in with the Looney Tunes characters, the meet and greet is next to Wascal’s and Six Flags Plaza. Word of advice, do this first when everyone looks fresh, lol.

Now that we’ve covered kids attractions, let me go over some housekeeping. Purchase a season pass, it’s cost effective and you can use it year round, check out the different passes here. Choose a Dining Discount that you can purchase ahead of time, this next deal is a steal! Purchase your Seasonal Drink bottles, regular season drink bottle offers free drinks during your first visit, and then 99 cent refill on each subsequent visit. Here’s why I’m saying purchase these items in advance, you'll save money. Everything adds up but if you purchase everything ahead of time you know your budget and you’re set for the year. We’re lucky that we have theme parks so close to us, it allows us to visit once a month, that's why these passes will come in handy. In the end it will pay off and you'll be glad you did. Here is another great bonus that Magic Mountain offers for children with disabilities, Attraction Access Pass. Six Flags offers an Attraction Access Pass for guests who are unable to wait in ride lines due to a disability, mobility impairments, or certain qualifying impairments.

First stop Justice League, take another adult to watch the youngest kiddo and switch off and then start your Looney Tunes adventures. Happy end of Summer everyone, x

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