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Microsoft Lounge Invite: Alison Wonderland

Microsoft and LA-based electronic DJ and producer Alison Wonderland packed the house at The Microsoft Lounge in Venice to unveil a new custom performance kit for her upcoming tour, kicking off this weekend on August 5.

Inspired by spiritual iconography and elements of high fantasy, Alison has collaborated with Microsoft to produce jaw-dropping, dynamic visuals that she and her VJ are able to control in real time, from stage. It’s all powered by a performance kit running on a Microsoft Surface Book; a new plug-and-play solution that can adapt to any stage and any vibe.

The invite-only event included an intimate DJ set by Alison Wonderland and an exclusive look at the Microsoft-enabled live show, which fans will be able to experience this summer around the US, before it travels to Europe, Australia, and beyond.

"All I've ever wanted was for people to leave my shows feeling like they have truly experienced something. I feel like the project with Microsoft, which I’ve been working very hard on, has really helped bring my vision to life. I want people to forget about their phones and enjoy the 'now’.” — Alison Wonderland

This collaboration is the latest in artist series Music x Technology, an initiative that celebrates forward-thinking artists who are using Microsoft technology to transform the way we create and experience music. With regular artist collaborations, the program seeks to empower artists with unique opportunities to create one-of-a-kind experiences for their fans. Find out more at:

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