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Spirit: Riding Free on Netflix!

The Los Angeles Equestrian Center is a hidden gem located in the back roads of Burbank. If I lived a little closer I would definitely sign my kiddo up for horseback lessons, it’s a spectacular sight to see. The Los Angeles Equestrian Center is huge! We parked our car and headed over to the blue tent to check in for our event. Since we were there early, we took the time to walk around the equestrian center and discover their café, a restaurant, wedding center, a huge stadium, rows and rows of stables, a jumping ground and plenty of land to run around on a horse.

When our event started, I had to snag myself a Spirit bandana, which I must add I spent a solid 15 minutes trying to get around my neck in a cute fashion, however I gave up and got lunch! I grabbed a delicious hamburger and my daughter, a foot long hot dog. Yes, a FOOT LONG hot dog, which came with macaroni salad and chips. Not too shabby for a picnic lunch. Next, we have introduced to four beautiful ponies the kids were able to ride and afterward kiddos were able to paint. I wasn’t able to ride the ponies, but instead, I got my paint on! I colored inside the lines and realized really quick that I love to color, it’s refreshing. We finished our afternoon watching kids about the same age as my daughter performing advanced jumps in the arena. I’m not quite sure how hard this activity is because these kids were making horse jumping look easy! This was a fabulous place to kick off the new series, Spirit Riding Free, an animated series which stars a 12-year-old girl Lucky who moves to the country and meets Spirit, the wild mustang.

DreamWorks Animation Television's new series Spirit: Riding Free aired on Netflix May 5. The animated series focuses on a group of three friends who experience coming-of-age and the power of friendship together. Lucky (Amber Frank), a gutsy 12-year-old, moves from the city to a frontier town and befriends a wild horse named Spirit. She and her two best friends (and their horses) explore the world to discover what it truly means to be free. Inspired by the Oscar-nominated film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, the Netflix series tells a spinoff story involving Spirit, a wild stallion.

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