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Big Little Lies is out on Blu-ray and DVD, Today, August 1st!

“Big Little Lies” (Blu-ray and DVD came out today, August 1st, it’s based on a novel by the Australian writer Liane Moriarty) holds an aura of mystery, it’s main plot is centered around a suspicious death and the suspects, seemingly perfect, we follow the everyday lives of a group of affluent women that have raised suspicions. The main characters are all suspects in this anomaly, how they’re linked. because their children attend the same progressive elementary school in Monterey, California. Their lives are anything but perfect, and the show’s drama comes from the chaotic relationships each husband and wife hold.

Personally, I love Big Little Lies, I love to see how other families live and yes, there are families out there just like that. Their homes are always immaculate, the kitchen is spacious which provokes emotions within me wanting to bake like a mad woman. And the story line draws you in. Hook line and sinker, they leave you wanting for more, guessing what will happen next and most importantly who committed the murder? As a joke, we’ve all in passing have wanted to smack someone out of frustration, stupidity, or whatever emotion they stirred in you, but to be pushed into dark blinding rage, madness takes over and the ultimate heinous act is your gut reaction and your pushed to murder, that’s a whole nother level of consciousness that I can’t wrap my mind around but am enthralled to see on the small screen. To learn how one ticks, what others want in life and their expectations, it’s eye awaking to say the least.

If you haven’t read the novel on which Big Little Lies was based (and whose plot it closely follows), there were some page turning, glued to your book unraveling mysteries and most importantly, learning the identity of victim and killer!

Here’s the great part Big Little Lies Blu-ray and DVD came out today! I’m giving one lucky reader a copy, you can enter here. The winner will be announced Monday, August 7th, good luck. x

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