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Luc Besson’s Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets in 3D and RealD 3D July 21!

I’d like to thank STX Entertainment for hosting us, we were given a preview of Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets followed by meeting the talent and the infamous director. Even though the event was hosted, all opinions are of my own, and I LOVED the movie! STX Entertainment, I don’t know how you’ll outdo yourself with your next project, because you hit Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, out of the solar system (see what I did there). The entire time I was watching the movie, I kept thinking if visually this movie can be spectacular, rich, engaging, lively in 2017, what are they going to be able to do in 2037?

During our Press Junket, I had to find out if Cara Delevingne and Dane DeHaan had seen the movie? When I tell you this movie is esthetically intoxicating, alluring and out of this world, I mean it. It’s one thing to be filming the movie, being in costume but it’s completely another experience to see the masterpiece in completion.

Kathy: Have you seen the finished product? And, if you have, what is your favorite scene?

Ms. Cara Delevingne: Yes, we both have. I mean, I think there are still a few things to do after we’d seen it.

Mr. Dane DeHaan: I think "we" saw it, we just didn’t see it in 3D.

Ms. Cara Delevingne: Wait. Did I not? I feel like it was so good that I don’t know if I had seen it in 3D. Oh my gosh. I don’t think I did. But, I actually didn’t. But, that’s what I mean. Even when it’s not in 3D, it’s still coming out at you. Wow. That’s special. That is special.

Kathy: So, do you have a favorite scene?

Ms. Cara Delevingne: I mean, I think, to be fair, because when I was on set-- because I and Dane are in most of the same scenes together-- I think watching the big market, to me, was one of the most incredible because I remember-- I mean, I saw Dane doing some of the various things. But, watching that come together-- I mean, I would watch that over and over again. I was literally like, “Wait. Go back. I know I know that’s happening. But, I keep forgetting what’s going on because the visual effects are so incredible.”

As the conversation evolved with Cara and Dane, Dane had shared that his wife just had a baby and is in awe with their bundle of joy. His pet was his first love, however now with his little girl it's a love he could have never imagined. She has daddy wrapped around her little finger! So, of course, I had to ask, all in jest...

Kathy: So, if the building’s on fire, the wife or the baby?

Mr. Dane DeHaan: I think I handle both. I’m Valerian. Come on.

Ms. Cara Delevingne: Yes. This is what he’s been training for.

Kathy: Furry babies. They start you off with that love. Of course, I love my pets too.

Now, I’m going to be completely honest here, the reason I’m in awe of this movie even more so is 100% due to Luc Besson. Meeting this humble man, hearing him speak about the conception of his movie, and how he found content creators was outstanding. Luc “sent letters to all the schools around the world, schools, creative schools, design schools and things. And I said, “We’re going to make a film-- a sci-fi.” “If you want to participate, send a space ship, the world, and an alien.” So, we received 2,000 submissions. And I picked up 15.” He then hired 5 for the year and no one has a script and then they only talk to Luc to allow freedom of creativity. Speaking with Luc, I was able to share my love of this deliciously rich movie.

Kathy: ...It was a menagerie of things, and I wish I could have paused each scene so I could explore where everything was. It was outstanding. How long did it take to film from the moment you guys turned the cameras on?

Mr. Luc Besson: Twenty weeks. Twenty weeks. But, honestly, the secret is the preparation. Preparation is everything. Actually, I finished three days earlier, which is unheard of in this kind of film. You always hear that they have six weeks of reshoot or-- no, I finished three days earlier.

Kathy: So, from the moment you were given the greenlight to when you started filming, how long was it, for the preparation?

Mr. Luc Besson: No, I prepped before the greenlight. By the moment we have 95 percent of the financing and it was in May in Cannes-- and I start the sixth of January. So, it was six months. But, we prepped almost a year before.

With an incredible director/ producer like Luc Besson, watching Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets in 3D will not disappoint. I walked in with high expectations since he’s also the director of some of my other iconic favorite films, Lucy, Fifth Element, Taken, but he’s done it again and this movie can be added to the list of fan favorites.

The plot begins in the year 2740. Major Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and Sergeant Laureline (Cara Delevingne) are on board their spacecraft “The Intruder”. Though they have a professional relationship, Valerian’s mission is to win Laureline’s heart, but his past escapades make Laueline highly apprehensive. We follow them through their first mission to retrieve the last remaining Converter, then to the city of Alpha to ensure the safety of Commander Arun Filitt (Clive Owen) where a mysterious dark force is taking over. And from here their mission is to save the City of a Thousand Planets while dodging shootouts with aliens, and unsuspecting obstacles.

With its high budget of $180 million, the hard work that Besson and his crew put into the detailing and the graphic design comes through. Think Fifth Element meets Star Wars… but better! So you don’t miss out, it is highly recommended to watch this movie is in 3D. You might miss all the cool intricacies otherwise like the 1000 different aliens like Bubble, who was played by Rhianna. And she gives one of the best performances of the film!

I have to emphasize the amazingness that is Cara Delevingne’s character. Laureline is a badass and equal to her male counterpart. You can see the frustration her character goes through to prove herself just as skilled time and time again, but that doesn’t hold her back. She refuses to let Valerian be the only one to get his hands dirty and demands to be on the front lines with Valerian. One might say that Cara was perfectly cast for this role, as she herself might have a little badass tendency as well. Overall this movie was well executed and highly recommended it!

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