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“To save the world, (and his job) the creator of Earth journeys to the planet to reconnect with humankind- via an internet variety show”

Last night we were invited to the Premiere of IT’S GAWD, IT’S GAWD, IS OUTSTANDING. In an era where everything is chaotic and humanity is in a slow decline, we need a movie that brings things back into perspective. If you walk away with one thing, walk away with this. Be kind to everyone you meet, because you might be the only person that is, and you will make a world of difference for that individual. It isn’t “someone” else's job to do what’s right, it’s yours. If we hold ourselves accountable and we lead by example and then maybe, we can start a ripple effect. You don’t have to witness it, but I promise you, positive energy exists. Our world problems are all ours, we share a planet that we need to take care. If you’re reading this on your iPhone, IPad, however else, count your blessings because someone across the world doesn't have a home, they’re trying to run from war, imminent danger, even in our own backyard, we have fellow humans needing a hand, you’re the lucky one, we are lucky. Take a moment and help make a difference, be the person that someone needs. I hope you enjoy IT’S GAWD as much as we did, inspiring, funny, uplifting and most importantly you will leave wanting to be the change you wish to see in your world. IT'S GAWD will be released worldwide Friday, July 14 (tomorrow) on Amazon Prime!


Somewhere in the Universe, the Supreme Council of Omniscients has gathered to review the state of the Universe. When discussion turns to our part of the galaxy, the council learns that a little planet called Earth is in some pretty big trouble and disaster is looming. The planet is under assault by humans, and the Omniscient In-Charge, Gawd, (Tommy Chong) has perhaps been a little to hands off, “They don’t even know how to spell your name!” snaps his arch-rival Tawd, (Josh Meyers.) Though the council decides to remove him from his position, he is able to get a temporary reprieve and is granted a year to turn things around. If he fails, he must submit to Tawd, who is eager to wrest control and rid the planet of Gawd's finest creation - the human. Identifying humanity's outdated beliefs as the root of the problem, Gawd sets about the task of spreading his message. But getting our attention in this day and age is no easy task. If he’s going to turn things around, he’ll have to go viral. And that’s going to take the expertise of the very humans he’s trying to save. Will Gawd be able to get our attention long enough to save the planet and his job? Gawd only knows!

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