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Minion Shenanigans and Bounty Paper Towels to the Rescue!

Before I share with you about our friends and family fun night, you should know this review is sponsored by Bounty. I’ve been compensated for my time and provided with product in exchange for this post, however, my opinions and fun times, are my own! In celebration of the Despicable Me 3, now in theaters, Bounty is introducing limited-edition Bounty with new Despicable Me 3 prints Paper Towels and Quilted Napkins that make clean-up quick and fun!

Bounty with new Despicable Me 3 prints are in stores now nationwide, just in time for summer break with the kids and all the messy activities that come along with it!

Pull out the icky, sticky fun games, don’t worry about the mess, you have Bounty the quicker picker upper to help with mucky, gooey messy moments. With the limited edition Despicable Me 3 prints, your kiddo will want to get into the action like mine did.

The importance of a family and friends night at home has been thrown to the wayside with all our technology, screen time has literally stolen precious moments. Sandwiched between doing homework, running to birthday parties, sports games or other extra-curricular activities, it seems like there’s no time. So pick one night a week, put aside the iPad, DVR your favorite shows, put away everyone's cell phone and spend some quality time together.

The importance of quality time is vital for our children, this is when memories are made, laughter ensues and the ruckus created will always be remembered and looked back on fondly. This is the time to bond and build relationships. Game night will not only allow the children to learn good sportsmanship but also the importance of following dire

ctions and improve communication skills. When families have fun and laugh together, stick together. It’s important to incorporate teaching moments, cleaning up after themselves in a fun setting, there's no push back, you just spent an hour laughing, literally creating a mess together and now you need something that will hold strong and do its job, here’s Bounty to the rescue. Home is the perfect place to learn how to do things.

In our home, the Despicable Me Minion Edition Pie Face game is a hit! My little one has laughed so hard that at one point he fell out of his chair (he’s fine). The goal, each player takes a turn on spinning the spinner, sliding their heads through the Minion mask, and turning the handles to see if they get hit in the face with whipped cream. Oh my gosh, the mess that’s created is sticky fun.

Literally from your hair, your face, table and depending on how much whip cream you put on the lever, you’ve just sprayed your surroundings. My little one LOVES this, then he’ll take the Bounty with Despicable Me 3 prints paper towel and start cleaning as we're playing, he understands that we need a clean slate for every pie throw. We not only clean the surface and surroundings but we clean our face and hair, Bounty is sturdy but gentle enough to use on ourselves.

Thank you Bounty, for creating a paper towel that's durable and super stinking cute. Hey Bounty if you’re reading this, you’ve made these towels so freaking cute that my little one will unravel the ENTIRE paper towel just to see how many Minions there are on each piece and importantly which Minion is on it.

Mammas, the limited-edition Despicable Me 3 prints are available in Paper Towels and Quilted Napkins that pack a punch of color and fun that only the Minions can deliver. They’re available at stores nationwide now, get them while they are here, it’ll be a hit with the kids.

And be sure to make plans to see Despicable Me 3 in theaters now. It’s rated PG and great for the whole family!

Pro Tip: In addition to having Bounty handy at your next game night, also keep a roll of Bounty paper towels in your car. It will cut the mess down when your little one while snacking on the road and for upcoming summer beach days, keep talcum powder and Bounty in the trunk. Simply use the talcum powder and shake it loose on your feet and wipe down with the paper towel, voila, you’re sand free!

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