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Dékor Diaper Pail, It's All About Simplicity! STEP. DROP. DONE.

Is there a smell that’s taken over your entire house? No need to cover up a smell when you can just neutralize it. Poop is stinky business and Dékor Diaper pails have figured out a way to help to eliminate the odor. Whether you live in an apartment or a house a diaper pail is a necessity. Scent is also one of the first things visitors notice. Your home has one chance to make a first impression, take some action to make sure it's a pleasant one. I recently came across Dékor Plus, omg why hadn’t I discovered this sooner? Dékor Hands-Free Diaper Pails are 100% hands-free. Just STEP on our foot pedal and DROP the soiled diaper through the trapdoor and you’re done. No Bending. No twisting. No squishing. No other diaper pail is as easy or hygienic to use.

The Dékor Diaper Pail system comes in different sizes, Plus, Classic, and Mini. The Plus holds up to 60 newborn diapers! It’s great for cloth diapers also and most importantly all their diaper pails can be used as a trash can after the diapers are long gone, just pop out the diaper trap door.

Dékor Refills are actually one long continuous liner which means you can empty as often as you want, after that one really stinky change, or when the pail is totally stuffed. Emptying the pail more frequently will help keep odors in your nursery to a minimum. The design of the Dékor refill puts you in control of how much refill you want to use with each empty. Dékor refills are made of 20% recycled post consumer material because you’re using less refill per diaper with Dékor, you are making less of an impact on landfills, and in turn the environment.

Here’s the great part, mammas who use cloth diaper, they’ve got you covered! They have a reusable liner that can be washed, the high-quality fabric can be laundered right along with the diapers. Special coating prevents leaking and wicking through of wet diapers, Holds a bunch of cloth diapers just like regular refills, drawstring closure helps when heading to the laundry. One box, two bags, eco-friendly one in the pail, and one in the wash. It's eco-friendly which makes you amongst the greenest by using cloth diapers.

Here’s the thing, I’d buy one for the kitchen and each bathroom, and if you have a cat, get the Dékor mini, it’s an amazing diaper pail. Purchase it at Bed Bath and Beyond, use your 20% coupon towards the pail and by the time you need to purchase the refill you’ve gotten another coupon and that’s when it’s time to make your purchase. I hope you love it as much as I do, the odor is gone, it’s hassle free, clean and contemporary.

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